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Planning and Urban Development Committee Oct. 7, 2015

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The Oct. 7, 2015, Planning and Urban Development Committee meeting included:

  1. Green Line Southeast Transit Oriented Development;
  2. Environmental Open Space Policies Progress Report;
  3. Building Maintenance Bylaw; and
  4. Low Density Housing District.

Green Line Southeast Transit Oriented Development

The Committee recommended that approve the report and gave direction to include scoping work with a related report going to Transportation and Transit committee in December. The Green Line Southeast Transit Oriented Development report is a report from March 31, 2014 which directed that “Administration hire a consultant to work collaboratively with Administration on SETway vision and objectives, TOD scoping and planning in conjunction with the pre-design and other applicable processes and also undertake community-based visioning with the impacted neighbourhoods and stakeholders.”

Environmental Open Space Policies Progress Report

The Committee approved that Council receive the report for information as per previous direction from February 23, 2015 where Council directed Administration to report back to the SPC on Planning and Urban Development in 2015 October with a status update on the Environmental Open Space (EOS) policy work program. To date, the EOS work program has been refining the EOS and its parent policies, and has also been reviewing the technical components that will establish a standard for identifying Area Structure Plan lands subject to EOS policy. Work with internal and industry stakeholders has been consistent, ongoing and milestones have been achieved. The work program is on track and expected to be completed by 2016 March.

Building Maintenance Bylaw

The Committee asked Administration to do more consultation and deferred this report to May 2016. Council approval is required to establish a Building Maintenance Bylaw, which is intended to ensure public safety with regards to building maintenance. Weather exposure, climate extremes and normal wear and tear can result in the external components of buildings deteriorating, becoming damaged and presenting a potential hazard to the public if they detach from the building; the contributing factor being the lack of appropriate maintenance. The proposed Building Maintenance Bylaw will establish a minimum maintenance standard and a requirement to carry out a building maintenance assessment on a regular basis. The City of Calgary will use an auditing approach to ensure that assessments are being carried out and buildings are being maintained to the required standard.

Low density housing district

The Committee recommended that Council approve this proposal. This report is an update from that presented to the SPC on Planning and Urban Development on 2015 July 17, which was referred to the Administration for consultation with Councillors to return to the Committee no later than 2015 October 07. This consultation has taken place through the month of September. Feedback received has indicated a need to clarify where and how a new density mixed housing district would apply. The proposal for a new low density mixed housing district is the result of ongoing collaboration between Administration and industry to consider ways to make it easier to achieve more housing diversity in new master planned communities in greenfield suburban areas.

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