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Planning and Urban Development Committee Jun. 8, 2016

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The June 8, 2016, Planning and Urban Development Committee meeting included:

Joint Use Agreement & Joint Use Coordinating Committee Update

The Committee recommended that Council receive the report for information. This is a joint partnership between The City, Calgary Board of Education and Calgary Separate School Board. The report provides an update and overview of the purpose of the Joint Use Agreement, the roles and responsibilities of the Joint Use Coordinating Committee and the required reporting every three years to Council on the status of the Joint Use Reserve Fund. Increasing the frequency of reporting to annually will provide additional transparency to Council.

Development in Proximity to the Railway Corridors

The Committee recommended that Council direct Administration to prepare rail policy in accordance with terms of reference. The report highlights safety requirements and development potential. Rail policy has three objectives which include public safety, protecting buildings, and facilitating an emergency response. The report also includes terms of reference that were developed with internal and external stakeholders with objectives, deliverables.

Industry/City Work Plan Update

The Committee recommended that Administration receive the report for information and provide an Industry/City Work Plan update report to Council through the Committee by January 2017. Progress update on the work plan. The Industry/City Work Plan Update provides an overview of progress to-date for each initiative to enhance accountability and transparency to stakeholders; provide opportunities for feedback; and an opportunity to set direction for future work.

Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community Amenity Fund

The Committee recommended that Council approve the Hillhurst/Sunnyside Community Amenity Fund Terms of Reference. As contributions have been made to achieve density bonuses in the Hillhurst/Sunnyside Area Redevelopment Plan Transit Oriented Development Study Area, a Terms of Reference for the Hillhurst/Sunnyside Community Amenity Fund needs to be established to provide guidance for these and future funds to be used for local public infrastructure improvement purposes.

Location Criteria for Multi-Residential Infill Update

The Committee recommended that Council direct Administration to use the amended location criteria when evaluating and reporting on applicable land use amendment applications in the Developed Areas, including any associated policy amendments. The Committee also recommended Council direct Administration to incorporate the guideline, policy and regulatory tools to guide the building and site design of multi-residential and ground-oriented infill into the Developed Areas Guidebook and with ongoing work on city-wide design guidelines and provide an update on this work in the report to the Calgary Planning Commission on the Developed Areas Guidebook. Providing an update on this  work with the report for the Developed Areas Guidebook will clarify how these tools apply within the broader policy direction for the developed areas.

Building Maintenance Bylaw

The Committee recommended that Council give three readings to the proposed Building Maintenance Bylaw. The proposed Building Maintenance Bylaw will provide The City of Calgary with a way to proactively ensure that building exteriors are regularly visually assessed and maintained so that they do not create a risk of hazard or unsafe conditions as it relates to exterior components detaching from buildings that could affect the general public.

Centre City Annual Update to Council

The Committee recommended that Council receive for for information the Centre City 2015 – 2016 update. This annual report fulfills the direction of the Centre City Plan which includes a recommendation for regular monitoring and reporting on the Centre City.


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