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Priorities and Finance Committee Jun. 7, 2016

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The June 7, 2016, Priorities and Finance Committee meeting included:

The Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Ltd. - 2015 Credit Facility Update

Administration presented an update on the credit facilities guaranteed by The City of Calgary for the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Ltd. (CES) Stampede Park redevelopment and expansion. The update included operating results for 2015 in line with 2014 and information on how CES is proactively managing its operations and capital expenditures during the current economic downturn, in compliance with all of the credit agreement covenants. The Priorities and Finance Committee recommends that Council receive this report for information.

Calgary Transit Zero-Based Review and Administration's Response

Administration presented the Calgary Transit Zero-Based Review (ZBR) including an Opportunity Identification Report completed by Corporate Initiatives, an in-depth ZBR investigation conducted by the independent consultant, Morrison¬-Hershfield, as well as Administration’s response to the consultant’s recommendations. Of the 10 recommendations provided by Morrison-Hershfield, Administration recommended acceptance of 9 recommendations; 6 without amendment, 3 with amendment, and; do not accept one recommendation pertaining to contracting out work on vehicle service lanes.

The Priorities and Finance Committee recommends that Council approve Administration’s response to the recommendations in the Morrison-Hershfield Report, with the exception of the Senior’s Yearly Pass. The Calgary Transit ZBR final report will go to Council on June 20, to be discussed in conjunction with the “Review of Calgary Transit Park and Ride” report.

ZBR Program Update - Follow up Report

Administration presented a ZBR Program Update which fulfills a commitment to identify ways to coordinate and clarify the roles of the ZBR and audit functions. The report reflects the results of discussions between Administration and the City Auditor, clarifies the respective roles of the two functions, and outlines a plan to avoid confusion going forward. The Priorities and Finance Committee recommends that Council receive this report for information.

Calgary Fire Department Medical Response Unit Pilot Project Update

Administration presented an update on the Calgary Fire Department (CFD) medical response unit pilot project. In 2015 April, the CFD submitted a Council Innovation Fund application and received a one-time grant of $175,000 to introduce Medical Response Units (MRUs) to two stations with high medical call volumes. The project was to provide an alternative response to medical calls with two¬-person units to contribute to improving CFD response times and reliability. As a result of the pilot, the CFD saw an overall improvement in performance and citizen outcomes and is considering additional MRUs. The Priorities and Finance Committee recommends that Council receive this report for information.

Assessment Review Board Member Appointment Cycle

Administration proposed a new annual cycle for appointments to the Calgary Assessment Review Board (ARB) so that appointments to the Board can be made by Council each year after the volume of assessment complaints to be heard is known. Changes to the timing of the appointment cycle for the Calgary ARB are being proposed to provide better alignment between the number of ARB member appointments made by Council and the resources required to address the complaints that are actually filed with the Board. The re¬alignment of the appointment cycle for the ARB proposed in this report provides better alignment of human resources, in this case prospective members, with the business demand presented by fluctuating volumes of assessment complaints. The Priorities and Finance Committee moved, carried and adopted this recommendation.


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