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Regular Meeting Council Dec. 14, 2015

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The Dec. 14, 2015, Regular Meeting of Council included:

Ramsay Land Use Amendment

Council approved a land use amendment to the Ramsay Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP). The amendment allows for the adaptive re-use of the historic Black and White Meat and Groceries building as part of a comprehensive multi-residential development with supported commercial uses.

Property Tax Relief Program

Council approved cancellation of the applicable 2013, 2014, and 2015 property taxes for properties that were affected by the 2013 June flood and met the criteria set out in the Property Tax Relief Program. Administration will follow-up with the Government of Alberta to pursue the reimbursement through the Southern Alberta Flood Response Program.

Calgary Combative Sports Commission 2014 Annual Report

Council approved amendments to the Calgary Combative Sports Commission Bylaw which clarifies definitions and aligns the bylaw with industry terminology.

City of Calgary Funding for the Green Line (Notice of motion - Councillors Keating, Carra, Woolley, Farrell, Chu, Stevenson, Demong, Colley-Urquhart, Pincott, Mayor Nenshi)

Council approved extending current Green Line funding of $52 million annually for a ten year period to a period of thirty years to create a total funding commitment of $1.56 billion. This funding is contingent on the provincial government committing the same amount of funds.

Community Resiliency Fund (Notice of motion - Mayor Nenshi)

Council approved transferring $30 million from the estimated 2015 budget surplus to a newly created Community Economic Resiliency Fund within the Budget Savings Account. A total of $8.8 million will be used to freeze Calgary Transit fares. Up to $1.8 million was allocated to keep park and recreation fees and pet services fees at 2015 levels. $5 million will be allocated to an Emergency Fund for non-profit and city departments hurt by the downturn. Council referred the resolution allocating $14.4 million for affordable housing initiatives in the community to the Priorities and Finance Committee to be discussed at the December 15, 2015, regular meeting.

Council directed administration to meet with Calgary Chamber of Commerce regarding their proposal for a property tax deferment program for businesses that are facing financial hardship due to the current economic situation. They will analyze the proposal and report back to the Priorities and Finance Committee on the feasibility and implications of implementing such a proposal or other resiliency efforts aimed at small business, along with a recommendation no later than February 2, 2016.

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