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Transportation and Transit Committe Nov. 18, 2015

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The Nov. 18, 2015, Transportation and Transit Committee meeting included:

  1. Roads Bylaw Amendments
  2. Douglasdale - McKenzie Slope Report
  3. West and SW Ring Road Traffic Impacts
  4. Roads Zero-Based Review

Roads - Bylaw Amendments

The Committee recommended that Council approve suggested amendments to the Calgary Traffic Bylaw and Street Bylaw. These changes remove the permit fee schedule from the Street Bylaw, to align the process to set and adjust fees with current City budget practices and update the language regarding the granting of overweight and over-dimensional load permits. The amendment also allows Roads to grant approval for developers or community groups to improve the visual appeal of traffic roundabouts by installing additional features and landscaping.

Douglasdale / McKenzie Slope Report

The City of Calgary retained a geotechnical consultant to complete a comprehensive Feasibility Study for slope stabilization and associated work along The City of Calgary owned escarpment, east of the Bow River adjacent to the communities of Douglasdale and McKenzie Lake. The Study addresses safety concerns and the long-term stability of the Escarpment in order to repair the existing regional pathway in the area. The committee recommended that Council seek legal advice on the options presented and that Council approve the recommendations made in “Option 1” of attachment 2.

West and Southwest Ring Road - Downstream Traffic Impacts

Alberta Transportation is preparing to construct the final sections of the Calgary Ring Road. This includes the South West Ring Road (SWRR) from Lott Creek Blvd to Macleod Trail South and the West Ring Road (WRR) from Trans Canada Highway to Highway 8. Construction on the SWRR is anticipated to begin in September 2016, with completion by the fall of 2021. The timing of the WRR is still to be confirmed. Committee directed Administration to review opportunities for funding through the Investing in Mobility program and other sources for an interchange at Richmond Road and Sarcee Trail, and to report back no later than 2016 Q3 with an update to the Committee on functional planning, local area improvements and next steps.

The Committee recommended that Council receive the proposed list of mitigation measures and locations for monitoring post South West Ring Road completion. It also recommended continued talks with Alberta Transportation to confirm the West Ring Road timing and the need for further investment in Sarcee Trail if it does not proceed prior to completion of the South West Ring Road.

Roads Zero Based Review

This report provided progress updates on the five areas of Roads that were reviewed during the Zero Based Review process: Street Light Maintenance, Pavement Marking, Sign Manufacturing, Gravel Crushing and Pavement Rehabilitation. Updates were also provided for three additional service areas that Administration identified during the ZBR review, which include the Traffic Management Centre, Excavation Permits and Spring Clean-up. The Committee recommended that Council receive this update for information.

Residential Street Design Policy

This report is the third update on the implementation and effectiveness of the Residential Street Design Policy since its approval by Council in November 2012. Committee recommended that Council receive this report for information and to report back to the Committee no later than November 2017 with an update.

Safer Mobility Plan

This report provided an update on The City of Calgary’s programs for improving traffic safety. The City’s plan to improve traffic safety is outlined in The Calgary Safer Mobility Plan (SMP). The SMP summarizes traffic safety issues in Calgary, identifies five focus areas for improvement, and presents eleven strategies to achieve these goals with an overall focus on reducing the number of fatal and injury collisions. The Committee recommended that Council receive this report for information and that Administration provide annual Safer Mobility Plan updates and continue working on the initiatives outlined in this update which are facilitated by Action Plan 2015 – 2018.

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