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Transportation and Transit Committee May 18, 2016

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The May 18, 2016, Transportation and Transit Committee meeting included:

Integrated Downtown-TOD Parking Strategy

The City of Calgary has maintained a comprehensive downtown parking strategy since the late 1960s. The strategy has evolved over time, but has maintained the core principle of managing downtown traffic congestion by limiting the amount of parking. Managing congestion supports Calgary’s economic productivity, improves quality of life for inner city residents, and reduces the growth in vehicle emissions. Administration recommended that the current bylaw parking ratio, which is tied to downtown traffic capacity rather than market demand, remain unchanged. This ensures that the downtown parking strategy will continue to balance traffic congestion with community impacts, regardless of changes to the cash-in-lieu program. An amendment was made to include using cash and lieu funds at LRT stations. This was passed.

Carshare Parking Policy Update Deferral

As part of the approval of the carshare parking policies, Council directed Administration to report back on the implementation of the policies and their impact on carshare parking activity. The carshare parking policies require new contracts with carshare companies in order to be implemented. It has taken longer than expected to ensure the data integrity is in place with respect to Car2go operations to fully implement the policy. This has delayed completion of a contract, which is expected to be complete by 2016 September. Six months of data is required after completion of the contract in order to accurately assess the impact of the policies on carshare parking activity. As a result, Administration will be able to provide a carshare parking policy update report no later than 2017 March. This was passed.

Parking Revenue Allocation Policy Deferral

Administration has developed a parking revenue allocation policy to provide for reinvestment in local infrastructure or services in paid parking areas. The policy would seek to direct a portion of the returns The City receives from the Calgary Parking Authority into infrastructure or services that improve the public realm, enhance mobility and augment maintenance activities in these areas. Business Revitalization Zones (BRZs) and Community Associations (CAs) are largely supportive of the recommended policy direction. During the final phases of policy development, Administration has identified the need for further engagement with BRZs and CAs regarding the management and auditing of funding to be reinvested in each area. As a result, Administration recommends deferring the final report and recommendations to no later than 2016 September. This was passed.

A Review Of Calgary Transit Park And Ride

The primary focus of this report was to address questions about the supply of park and ride facilities at CTrain stations. A policy approved in 1986 has been used to guide the planning and development of parking facilities for all current and future CTrain stations. Recent plans, including the Calgary Transportation Plan, RouteAhead and the Transportation Department’s Consolidated Parking Policy Work Plan, have suggested that a revised policy should be crafted to reflect current circumstances. The report recommended adopting an overall park and ride supply target with individual studies to be completed to determine optimal park and ride supply at each CTrain station. As well, the report recommends revisions to the current park and ride management policies. An amendment was made to explore charging out of town parkers an additional fee. This was passed.

Parking Management Zone Changes

This report recommended amending A Parking Policy Framework for Calgary to revise the threshold for introducing new paid parking zones and parking management (time) periods, introducing paid parking in select zones downtown in the AM, and an extension of the Inglewood pricing zone. This was passed.

Parking Bylaw Fine Increases

In May 2015, the Provincial Government increased the fine amounts for a number of parking offences under the Traffic Safety Act. The City of Calgary Parking Bylaw 41M2002 needs to be updated to create consistency. This inconsistency creates a situation where there could conceivably be two separate fine amounts for the same offence (depending on whether the Bylaw or the Traffic Safety Act was used for enforcement. This was passed.

Public Transit Infrastructure Fund And Greentrip Submissions

Administration has developed an approach to upcoming applications to the Province of Alberta’s third call for projects for the Green Transit Incentives Program (GreenTRIP), and to the Government of Canada’s Federal Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF) Phase 1. The application deadline for the third call for GreenTRIP projects is August 31, 2016. Administration recommends making application for the remaining $130 million of the GreenTRIP budget allocated to the Calgary region in support of the Green Line LRT project, and requesting additional funding for Green Line LRT from the $285 million available outside of the Edmonton and Calgary regions should any of this allotment remain unallocated. This was passed.


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