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Transportation and Transit Committee Dec. 6, 2018

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The Dec. 6, 2018, Transportation and Transit Committee meeting included:

The Calgary Goods Movement Strategy

Committee received a presentation from Administration on the Calgary Goods Movement Strategy. This is the first comprehensive study on our city’s goods movement and can be used to better understand the economic importance, issues and challenges as well as a tool to enhance goods movement for Calgarians. Committee approved this to go forward to Council with the recommendations that Council: (1) Approve the Goods Movement Strategy and adopt the Strategic Directions and action items of the Strategy (2) Direct Administration to consider capital and operating funding requirements for implementation of the short-term action items into the mid-cycle budget adjustments for 2021-2022 (3) Direct Administration to include the capital and operating costs to deliver the medium-term strategy actions during the development of the next budget business cycle (2023-2026) (4) Direct Administration to work with industry and stakeholders to establish a goods movement committee to provide input into the implementation and monitoring of Goods Movement Strategy. Request that the City Clerks circulate Members of Council as to their interest in serving on this committee, to return to Council with the results of the poll and a draft Terms of Reference no later than Q1 2019. (5) Direct Administration to report back with an update on the Goods Movement Strategy implementation.

Safer Mobility Plan Annual Report 2018

Committee received a presentation for information on the Safe Mobility Plan Annual Report 2018 on The City of Calgary’s programs for safer mobility and progress of various safety initiatives to improve safety for all users of Calgary’s roads. The report provided a final update on the progress towards the casualty collision targets of Safer Mobility Plan 2013-2017 and reflects on the noteworthy accomplishments in each of the 11 strategies during the term of the plan. This will go forward to Council with the recommendations that Council: Receive this report for information; and direct Administration to report back to the SPC on Transportation and Transit on the Safer Mobility Annual Report by Q4 2019.

Improving Compliance during Snow Route Parking Bans

Committee was presented with an amendment to Bylaw 26M96 to increase the fines for parking on Snow Control Routes during Snow Events in order to bring fines for non-compliance in line with other municipalities. This recommended amendment is in response to Council direction in March of this year to review improvements to increasing compliance for snow route parking bans. This will go forward to Council with the recommendations Council give three readings to the proposed Bylaw to amend the Calgary Traffic Bylaw 26M96 to increase snow route parking fines to be consistent with fines related to non-compliance for maintenance work.

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