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Utilities and Corporate Services Committee Jun. 22, 2016

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The Jun. 22, 2016, Utilities and Corporate Services Committee meeting included:

Waste & Recycling Services Waste Diversion Annual Update

The Committee accepted the report which provided an update on waste diversion targets and a status update on Waste-to-Energy in Canada. In 2015, Council adopted the revised overall waste diversion target of 70 per cent across all waste sectors by 2025. Currently overall waste diversion is at 32 per cent which is on track with the 70 per cent by 2025 goal. It is expected that division rates will increase significantly with the introduction of new programs such as mandatory recycling in the multi-family sector and future food and yard waste diversion programs in all sectors, including the City-wide implementation of the Green Cart program.

Waste & Recycling Services Construction and Demolition Strategy Update

The Committee recommended that Council receive the report for information. Significant progress has been made with Construction & Demolition (C&D) waste diversion in Calgary since the introduction of the initial C&D waste diversion strategy in 2007. By creating an economic incentive for diversion through higher tipping fees, the development of a Designated Materials List (DML) for readily recyclable materials and increased diversion opportunities for source separated materials at Calgary’s three waste management facilities (WMFs), the amount of recyclable material in the C&D waste stream has decreased from 72 per cent in 2010 to 39 per cent in 2014.

Early stakeholder engagement indicated that higher tipping fees would create an environment that would support the establishment of C&D recycling businesses. The number of these businesses has increased considerably since 2007 and the volume of material collected and processed by these companies in 2014 included approximately 7 times more wood, drywall and shingles than collected at the landfills for recycling.

2015 Environmental Agreements Annual Report and Bylaw

The Committee recommended that Council receive the report for information and give three readings to the proposed amendments to the Environmental Agreements Bylaw. Through the Environmental Agreements Bylaw, The City provides leadership by facilitating third party investigation and remediation on City lands and other environmental stewardship actions, which promotes environmental protection. The Bylaw covers six types of environmental agreements – licences, stewardship, administration, access, conservation and remedial action agreements.

In 2015, 35 environmental agreements were issued, all of which were Licenses of Occupation. Furthermore, Administration periodically reviews existing bylaws and policies. After the Bylaw had been in effect for five years in 2015, Council directed Administration to review the Bylaw and return with any recommended amendments. Changes have been suggested to provide for more efficient reporting and to bring delegation authority into alignment with City practice.


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