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Ward Community Event Fund guidelines

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Effective: Sept. 28, 2016

1. Purpose of the Ward Community Event Fund (WCEF)

The purpose of the WCEF is to assist not-for-profit associations or community-based groups to host events or undertake initiatives to enhance their community. Applications from individuals will not be a​ccepted.

2. General considerations

  1. The Coordinating Committee of the Councillors Office (CCCO) is the single approving authority for the WCEF. Applications are recommended for CCCO approval by an individual councillor for events in their wards.
  2. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide sufficient background information to support an application in order to receive a WCEF award. The Ward Community Event Fund (WCEF) Application Form needs to be completed and submitted with each application.
  3. Funding is limited and shall be awarded equitably per ward, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Councillors may, at the discretion of the CCCO, consider funding events that cover multiple wards, as long as the events align with Council Priorities.
  4. Applications for events in any calendar year will be received starting December 15 of the previous calendar year.
  5. Completed Applications and supporting documentation should be submitted online or may be faxed to 403-268-3823, to the attention of the WCEF Administrator.
  6. All applications should be received by approximately six to eight weeks before the event to allow time for processing of approval and payment.
  7. Funds will not be awarded for capital-related purchases or for regular operating costs of the sponsoring organization, such as play-ground equipment and/or staff salaries.
  8. An event budget, detailing projected revenues and expenses, is to be filed with each application and must describe any other funding being received for the event.
  9. Post event summaries are mandatory and must be filed with the WCEF Administrator within 90 days post-event for which the grant was received. Post event summaries must be in writing and include actual revenues and expenses, attendance figures and a brief description of what was achieved as a result of the event or activity. Future WCEF applications will not be considered until such time as a post-event summary has been received by the WCEF Administrator.
  10. Should an event, for which a WCEF grant has been received, need to be cancelled, an application to redirect the funds to a subsequent event may be submitted for consideration by the CCCO. Please contact the WCEF Administrator for further details on this process.
  11. Any portion of WCEF funds awarded but not used for the purpose requested must be returned to The City of Calgary within 120 days of the event. Such funds, when returned before the end of the calendar year, will go back into the granting ward’s allotment.
  12. Each year, the CCCO shall, at its discretion, conduct random audits on WCEF grant recipients. If selected for such an audit, recipients agree to, within 90 days from the date of notification, provide documentation regarding all revenues (donations/tickets/sales) and expenses including copies of receipts in support of the event. Failure to respond to an audit will negate any future consideration for a WCEF grant.
  13. At its December meeting and provided there are still WCEF funds available for granting within the same calendar year, CCCO will consider those WCEF applications which fall within the WCEF guidelines and have been previously recommended for approval by a Councillor. By the end of November, the WCEF Administrator will request Ward offices provide any applications for consideration of funding from the Year End Surplus WCEF Funds, should any remain.
  14. A list of grants awarded from the WCEF during a calendar year will be posted on line no later than 60 days following the December CCCO Meeting.
  15. The City of Calgary or any Member of Council, individually or collectively, is not in any way financially or legally responsible for any deficits, cost over-runs or incidents arising or occurring in relation to any event or initiative.

Contact information

Please direct questions or requests for information to The City’s WCEF Administrator:

Theresa McManus, ph. 403-268-8336


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Ward Community Event Fund (WCEF)

Ward Community Event Fund (WCEF) Guidelines

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