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Ward 1 News: Intersection at 85 ST & 48 AVE NW

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Ward 1 official websiteAugust 21, 2015


85 ST & 48 AVE NW Traffic Modification  Temporarily Delayed 
The removal of the stop signs at 85 ST & 48 AVE NW has been delayed until the end of August.  As soon as our office is informed about the actual date of the removal of the stops, we will provide you with an update. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.
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August 19, 2015

Ward 1 Office Update

The most recent traffic studies conducted on the 85 ST and 48 AVE NW intersection were carried out on both weekend and week days earlier this year. The number of left or right turning vehicles on EB on 48 AVE accounted was substantially less than the traffic through that intersection. Current usage of Bowness Park will be higher during the weekend with more subsequent traffic on EB and WB on 48 AVE but the daily commuter traffic on 85 ST will be substantially less than it would be on weekdays.   
The changes to some of the traffic patterns in the neighbourhood by opening up this intersection are recognized. However, the traffic control modifications are being done as a proactive step towards alleviating some of the overall congestion on 85 ST as well as the resulting backlogs through the neighbourhood at peak times. We ask that residents evaluate this change over a fair trial period. Please note that we are committed to reviewing the modifications on an on-going basis.  
The City will be closely monitoring this intersection in the coming weeks, with the Police Service and other departments directly involved. Traffic-calming measures will be put into place around the various schools to co-ordinate with the return to school. 

The Ward 1 office is taking into consideration residents’ concerns regarding the traffic control modifications at 85 ST and 48 AVE NW. Ward 1 community liaison Ralph Smith has taken the 85 ST traffic modifications project under his wing in Councillor Sutherland’s absence. Furthermore, our office will endeavour to keep you updated via Councillor Sutherland’s website, communications and research analyst Christine Louie’s Twitter account, and the Ward 1 E-newsletter.

August 13, 2015

 Letter to the Bowness Community Association

RE: 85 St/48 Ave NW Traffic Control

The City of Calgary, Roads Traffic Division has received concerns about southbound traffic congestion at the intersection of 85 St and 48 Ave NW during the morning peak traffic period. The removal of the 3-way stop is to facilitate free-flowing southbound traffic to alleviate the current congestion at 48 Ave during the morning peak traffic time. 
The Ward 1 office acknowledges that there will be temporary inconveniences to some of the nearby residents. We apologize for this inconvenience during this time of necessary reconstruction and development in and around Bowness. Residents will face disruptions to familiar traffic flows and familiar routes.  As a result, there will be new and alternative routes that may be taken as a temporary compromise.  
The removal of the 3-way stop will decrease traffic congestion during peak period. Please keep in mind that outside of the morning peak traffic period, the traffic volume on 48 Ave is relatively low. As well, the collision history shows only nine collisions near that intersection over the last 9 years.
The Traffic Division of Roads has conducted a number of studies on this intersection over the years.  The changes proposed are seen as the best way to get traffic moving along this corridor.  Though there is always a “cut-through” component to the traffic in Bowness, drivers from other communities are also utilizing other routes outside of Bowness. 
Pedestrian safety has been addressed with better-marked crosswalk markings and the installation of Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons to increase awareness and visibility.  Cameras have been installed to allow Roads to monitor traffic patterns and potential problems.  Fortunately the peak usage of Bowness Park is on the weekends and will not compete with the Monday to Friday commuter traffic.  
Councillor Sutherland is keenly aware of the impacts this change will have on local residents. He sees it as the most viable method for addressing the overall congestion problem facing Bowness.  Our office asks that you withhold your judgment on the change until it has been in operation for several months when local residents have had a chance to assess its impact.  Please be assured that Councillor Sutherland’s office and the City of Calgary will be monitoring traffic closely to best prepare and address problems as they arise. 
At this time, Councillor Sutherland is out of the country with his family and has limited access to his email. In his absence in August, his office will be responding to residents’ concerns regarding the temporary inconveniences to traffic flow at 85 ST and 48 Ave NW. Please contact his staff at 

This content represents the personal views and opinions of the Councillor and should not be taken as a statement of policy of The City of Calgary. The inclusion of any external content does not imply endorsement by The City of Calgary.

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