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Ward 1 News: April 2017 Financial Update

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Below is the current summary  year to date results ending April, 2017

Before Contribution to Business Savings Account                                                                                               ($ Million)
Total City YTD Variance (in the graph)                                                 $9.9
Minus: Utilities (Self-supported) YTD Variance                                  -$4.8
Equal to Total Tax-Supported YTD Variance                                      $5.1
Total Tax-Supported YTD Variance is made up of:  
Business units favourable variances                                                    $0.8 
Corporate Programs favourable variances                                         $4.3 
Minus: Contribution to Business Savings Account                            -$1.5
Total Tax-Supported YTD Variance After Contribution to BSA      $3.6

Fiscal Stability Reserve (FSR)(Rainy Day Fund) Balance

YTD Balance                                                                                        $557.8M

  Estimated Interest Income                                                                 $9.0M
  Less: outstanding commitments                                                   $227.6M
  Uncommitted Balance                                                                  $339.2M
  % of Tax-supported Net Expenditures                                            10.7%
 Balance of FSR Flood Commitments-Unspent*                           $115.5M
*Included as part of “outstanding commitments”

Our favourable variances are decreasing throughout the year so far, uncertainty remains for the rest of the year.

On the Capital Budget side:

2017 Budget  $2.358B
2017 Spend $323M
2017 Send % 13.7% (on track) * spend increases Q2-Q3 due to seasonal weather.

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