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Ward 1 news: Floodway and Flood Fringe Mapping

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The Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development created a water flood hazard identification program, the Flood Hazard Map Application. This application uses Geographical Information System (GIS) technology to display flood hazard mapping prepared for Alberta communities.

The attached map of Bowness shows the flood hazard for the floodway in dark blue and the flood fringe in light blue.

For background information and technical analyses used to delineate flood hazard areas and determine design flood levels along study streams and lakes, or specific flood hazards in your community, please visit Flood Hazard Studies or email Alberta Environment

For information on the terminology and definitions on the floodway and flood fringe, please visit the Alberta Environment flood hazard mapping website

Please note there are several limitations:

  • Flood hazards have not been identified in all communities and may exist in areas without flood hazard mapping. New mapping will be added to the application when available.
  • Flood hazard areas and design flood levels are based on a design flood under encroachment conditions. The current design flood standard in Alberta is the 100-year flood, determined when a flood hazard study is undertaken. Encroachment conditions assume a future scenario when the flood fringe is fully developed.
  • Flood hazard areas displayed in this application are digital representations of those defined in detailed engineering maps prepared as part of flood hazard studies.

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