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Ward News: Odour in Rocky Ridge and Royal Oak

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Royal Oak Wetland
In early February Water Services received odour complaints from the area surrounding Royal Oak Wetland (51WLA).  It was identified that the wetland was the likely cause of the odours and that they were travelling through the storm system and into certain homes that do not have an effective one-way valve or ‘P’ trap on their stormwater service connection.
This is not a new issue and a fix was put in place in winter of 2010 – a plug inserted into the pipe at the outlet of the wetland in the winter months. This plug, which has been inserted each winter since has been largely effective in preventing the odours from travelling into the storm system. Unfortunately, in early February the plug that was installed deflated resulting in a loss of seal in the pipe and the odours once again traveling through the system. Since the late afternoon on February 11th a new plug has been installed and is maintaining a good seal. Water Services is continuing to monitor the plug on a regular basis.
Water Services is continuing to investigate this wetland to better understand what is causing the odours and, more importantly, what can be done to alleviate the issue. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding in this matter. If you notice odours in your home please call 311 to report it. If it is an emergency please call 911.

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