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Ward 1 News: Route 40, 407, and 408 Route Changes

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Route 40, 407, 408 Route Changes

Effective December 21, 2015, several of the detour changes initially made for the Bowfort Interchange project will be made permanent.  Transit Calgary has changed, removed, and added standard bus stop signage to reflect the new routes in Greenwood, Montgomery, and Bowness.

This was done for two main reasons:
• The detour routes are operating more effectively and reliably than the previous regular routes
• There is too much confusion amongst the public and our operators with the long-term detour routes and conflicting signage

Seasonal Changes
Route 40
Route 40 in East Bowness will travel on 31 Ave NW instead of 33 Ave NW to replace the service previously provided by Route 407.

Route 407
Route 407 will be changed in Greenwood, Bowness, and Montgomery to reduce travel time and increase reliability. The changes align with the last Bowfort Interchange-related detour.

Bowfort Interchange Detours
Route 305
Route 305 BRT will maintain service to all locations except the Bowfort Road commercial area. New stops have been added on 34 Ave NW to replace the service previously provided by Route 408.

Route 408
Route 408 will not provide service in Bowness during the construction period.  In order for Calgary Transit to maintain Route 408 service in Bowness it would require longer travel times, lower frequency, and higher operating cost.  Route 408 will continue to serve the Bowfort Road commercial area and Canada Olympic Park. Customers in Bowness who are connecting to the Red Line CTrain are asked to use Route 407 to Brentwood Station or Route 40 to Lions Park Station. Customers may transfer to Route 408 at Home Road NW from Routes 1, 40, 305, and 407.


Route 40


Foute 407


Route 408


Route 305


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