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Ward 1 News: Silver Springs Outdoor Pool Redevelopment

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Congratulations Silver Springs Outdoor Pool Fundraising Foundation!

Last night Cydney Elofson, vice-president of the Silver Springs Association and co-chair of Corporate and Local Business Fundraising unveiled the new design for the Silver Springs Outdoor Pool Fundraising Foundation (SSOPFF). The new design includes 33 m lanes, a 14 ft deep end, a 3m platform, and a 1m springboard. The money for the pool is guaranteed. Pending permits and approvals, construction of the proposed design will commence in the spring of 2016.

Councillor Sutherland is pleased to have assisted in obtaining additional funding to support renovating the  outdoor pool. He would like to thank community volunteers, the City of Calgary's Recreation team and City engineers for their team effort and coordination.

Councillor Sutherland would like to recognize Cydney Elofson (President and Co-Chair of Corporate and Local Business Fundraising); Blanka Evanson (Program Director and Co-chair Corporate and Local Business Fundraising); Suzanne Kinchloe-Veteikis (Media Chair); Barb Gowan Mullie (Co-chair, Events); Stacy Buckland (Co-chair Events); Cathy Mageau (Community Liaison) and Nia Lefebvre (Treasurer) for their hard work and ambition to achieve a big win for their community.



The Silver Springs Outdoor Pool has been a well-loved fixture in the community since 1974. The City of Calgary and the Silver Springs Community Association (SSCA) work diligently each season to ensure the pool is accessible, reliable and safe for users.

In 2013, The City of Calgary and the SSCA brought forward a design for the redevelopment of Silver Springs Outdoor Pool. Available budget did not allow for replacement of the dive tank, which is at the end of its useful life. Instead, the design included plans for a wading pool in place of the dive tank, and replaced the existing lap pool basin and supporting mechanical systems.

At an open house on February 7, 2013, community members expressed their desire to retain the diving tank. A second open house held on June 20, 2013 confirmed the community’s willingness to fundraise for the dive tank and the Silver Springs Outdoor Pool Fundraising Foundation (SSOPFF) was formed. The City and the SSOPFF agreed to a deadline of April 30, 2015 to raise the funds, after which time The City would proceed with redevelopment of the pool to ensure the continued use of this asset.

Proposed Design Solution

Over the past two years, The City, members of the SSCA and the SSOPFF have worked together to consider options for redeveloping the pool based on expressed community needs for deep water activities.

The proposed design extends the width of the lap pool basin to better accommodate lane swimming and extends the length of the pool to include a deep end with diving features.

Proposed Design



Questions and Answers

Q: Why does Silver Springs Outdoor Pool need to be redeveloped?

A: The pool is at the end of its useful life and needs to be replaced. Significant structural and mechanical issues need to be addressed to prevent a complete failure.

Q: Why can’t we replace the dive tank?

A: Available budget for redeveloping Silver Springs pool does not allow for replacement of the dive tank, which is at the end of its useful life. The proposed design solution incorporates a deep end and diving platform to accommodate deep water activities.

Q: Where did the money come from to build a deep end? Why can’t that money be used to replace the dive tank instead?

A: The proposed design solution relies on a combination of funding sources, including:
Funds previously earmarked for redevelopment of the pool;
Funding grants acquired by the Silver Springs Outdoor Pool Fundraising Foundation (SSOPFF);
Additional funding for investing in outdoor pools;
Available budget does not allow for replacement of the dive tank, which is a significantly higher cost than the proposed design solution.

Q: Why is The City investing in outdoor pools?

A: A recent lifecycle audit confirmed that costs for maintaining outdoor pools exceed current funding. Recognizing the need for upgrades at some outdoor pools, The City of Calgary, working together with the Calgary Outdoor Swimming Pool Association (COSPA), will devise an approach to investment that optimizes available funds for the greatest impact.

Q: Can we continue fundraising for the drive tank?

A: While the SSOPFF has been successful in raising significant funds ($320K) to contribute towards the diving feature, the Foundation recognizes that fundraising for the shortfall (approximately $1.5M) would be challenging. In 2013, The City and the SSOPFF agreed to fundraising for two years, at which time The City would proceed with redeveloping the pool. Further postponing this work could result in a total failure and prolonged closure of the facility.

Q: Can the showers and change facilities also be upgraded as part of the project?

A: The current budget does not include upgrades to shower and washroom amenities. If there is sufficient support from the community, the SSOPFF may continue to fundraise for improvements outside The City’s scope for this project.

Next Steps

Comments received at the April 2015 open house will be recorded, summarized and presented back to the community   via and through the Silver Springs Community Association. Pending permits and approvals,  construction of the proposed design will commence in the spring of 2016. For the most up to date information, visit 

This content represents the personal views and opinions of the Councillor and should not be taken as a statement of policy of The City of Calgary. The inclusion of any external content does not imply endorsement by The City of Calgary.

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