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Ward 1 News: Snow and Ice Control Program 2015-2016

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Ward 1 official websiteThe City of Calgary is committed to helping make Calgary safe for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. An effective snow and ice control program is essential to allow the municipality to function under normal winter weather conditions and follows the seven day snow plan.  Roads maintains public thoroughfares to the Snow and Ice Control policy standards during winter months by:

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• Anti-icing before a snow event when conditions allow
• Sanding, salting, and plowing roadways
• Snow removal and storage
• Sidewalk snow removal in the downtown core
• Snow fencing where required

Check out Snow and Ice Control website for travel times, traffic reports, snow updates and a roads conditions map! For the most up-to-date information, follow the Transportation Department on Twitter @yyctransport or visit

Download the iPhone App to see real-time information on current road conditions to help navigate the winter roads. You can view:

• Priority 1 Routes          
• Priority 2 Routes
• Traffic Camera locations
• Plow/Sander locations

Snow Route parking

Temporary parking restrictions will be in effect for 72 hours following a declared snow event on specific routes throughout Calgary. View snow route locationssnow route parking bansbenefits of snow routes and snow route exemptions.

Snow Route parking ban feedback

Give your opinion on the Snow Route policy or program! If you would like a road reviewed, to be added, or removed from the parking ban, send a service request. Your opinion will be added to a weekly report for management to review.

Snow Route Program

Snow Route FAQ

Parking Fines

Road Conditions Map

Snow Updates

Sidewalk snow removal for private property

Under Street Bylaw 20M88, the owner or occupant of any private property adjacent to a sidewalk is deemed responsible for the removal of ice and snow from that portion of the sidewalk within 24 hours after the ice or snow has been deposited. Where a property owner cannot be identified or where a City-approved continuous barrier restricts access to the sidewalk, the property owner is exempted from the obligation to clear the sidewalk.

In order to conduct its operations in a timely and cost effective manner, The City keeps an inventory of the sidewalks it clears, and prioritizes its snow and ice control activities based on a set of criteria. The City of Calgary is also subject to Alberta's Municipal

Government Act (R.S.A. 2000 c.M-26), which requires municipalities to keep roads and sidewalks in a reasonable state of repair. See the sidewalk snow clearing map which details the sidewalks which are the responsibility of The City.

Sidewalk snow removal for City sidewalks

Sidewalk snow and ice control is prioritized into four categories:

Priority One includes snow clearing and/or sanding of Olympic Plaza, Stephen Avenue Mall, Barclay Mall (under private account), overpasses, steps and bus pads.

Priority Two includes snow clearing and/or sanding of sidewalks and wheelchair ramps adjacent to majors, collectors and bus routes, where sidewalks do not abut private property. Bus pads are also included.

Priority Three includes snow clearing and/or sanding of all bus stops.

Priority Four includes snow clearing and/or sanding of walkways and lane approach aprons on a complaint basis.

Ongoing assessment of The City's sidewalk snow and ice control program may result in some sidewalks being given a lower or higher priority for the purposes of snow and ice removal. As long as a sidewalk remains on the maintenance list, home owners or occupants are not required to clear it. Notice of reprioritization will be given to community associations for inclusion in community newsletters. When sidewalks are removed from the list, notice is delivered directly to affected properties.

Consider becoming a "Snow Angel" by helping neighbours in need, especially seniors, with snow removal this winter. Take a few extra minutes when shovelling your own sidewalk to shovel a neighbour's sidewalks and to keep them clear, ice-free and safe.

Sidewalk snow removal FAQ

Pathway snow clearing

Calgary pathways that are cleared of snow have been determined by City Council. The City's pathway system is nearly 800 km in length, of that, up to 350 km are cleared of snow. The City has 24 hours to clear pathways after the snow has stopped falling.

Free sand locations

To help remove ice on residential sidewalks, homeowners can pick up free sand and salt-coated gravel at most Fire stations and Roads Maintenance District offices. See sanding box locations near you.

Pathways cleared of snow

View the snow and ice control map to see the pathways, sidewalks and overpasses that are cleared by the City.

Dark blue on the map - To request snow removal from a sidewalk cleared by Roads, please submit a Roads Snow and Ice Control concern or call 311.

Orange on the map - To request snow removal from a pathway or sidewalk cleared by Parks - Operations, please submit an online request or call 311.

Light blue on the map - To request snow removal from a pathway cleared by Parks - Pathways, please submit an online request or call 311.

Black on the map - These sidewalks are cleared by other agencies (Community Association, Homeowners Association or, in newer communities, the community developer) please contact them directly or submit a Bylaw Snow and Ice on Sidewalk request.

Pink on the map - To request snow removal from an on-street bikeway cleared by Roads, please submit a Roads Snow and Ice Control concern or call 311

East Village / Riverwalk / St. Patrick's Island - To request snow clearing in East Village, St. Patrick's Island or along the Riverwalk, please contact Calgary Municipal Land Corporation directly by email at: info@calgarymlc.caor by calling 403-718-0300.

Do you have a snow or ice concern not related to pathways? Please visit Report snow and ice concerns online to report your issue.

Submit a request for snow removal on a pathway




This content represents the personal views and opinions of the Councillor and should not be taken as a statement of policy of The City of Calgary. The inclusion of any external content does not imply endorsement by The City of Calgary.

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