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Ward 1 News: Snow and Ice Control Program in Rocky Ridge

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Snow and Ice Control Program - Update for Rocky Ridge

In the winter, my office fields a number of questions about the clearing of the pathways in Rocky Ridge.  Below is an update outlining what is happening this  year. The map shows the pathways that will be cleared of snow in December 2016 and for all of 2017.  Parks has identified that while they are not able to clear all of the pathways in Rocky Ridge, they have agreed to clear 3.8km (or 47%) of the pathways in the community (see Current route (City Cleared). You may not have realized it, but there are over 830km of paved asphalt pathways within the City of Calgary, and Parks currently clears 400km of them (48%). The RRRHA requested additional clearing in Rocky Ridge, and Parks offered them 2 options totalling another 4.2 km to consider, and the Association has agreed to pick up the cost of clearing for both options (see Rocky Ridge Optional).

Besides the good news about the additional pathways being cleared, it is going to be at a substantial savings!  Parks encouraged the RRRHA to obtain an hourly quote from contractors to perform the same work as Parks was offering in the two options, and the companies that they approached were charging more. The City of Calgary, however, was able to bundle some of their snow clearing routes together and awarded the contract to Green Meadows Landscapes & Maintenance at a better hourly rate. Parks has two years experience with Green Meadows and assures us they are one of the best that they use for pathway SNIC. The only additional charges to RRRHA will be for the follow-up sanding and salting of pathways (as required in addition to the regular performance of snow removal).

In 2016 The City of Calgary Parks was able to complete 90% of the pathway lifecycle replacement in the community of Rocky Ridge (majority of which were RRRHA owned and operated pathways).  In order to address the ongoing icing problem along the Regional Pathway connection, Parks has installed 2 x 40’ Rig mats to bridge over the area.  Unfortunately the rainy weather in July and August caused major delays and super-saturated conditions in the area, preventing Parks from completing the replacement of the pathway to the West of the rig mat location. However, (more good news) Parks will be going back in the spring to replace the pathway to the West of the rig mats and install weeping tile to deal with the water “above the bridge”.

Parks has already engaged Green Meadows to clear the “Rocky Ridge Optional” pathways and will continue to do so in anticipation of the signed agreement.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding regarding this complex lifecycle and SNIC project in the community of Rocky Ridge.

Ward Sutherland

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