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Ward 1 News: Update - Parking Issues by Bowness Park

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Ward 1 official website2017 April 24

Re: Update – Potential Residential Parking Zone Expansion – Zone NN

Dear Community Member,

To address parking issues in Bowness in the area near Bowness Park, the City of Calgary has been working on a potential expansion of Residential Parking Zone NN. The existing zone and the potential expansion are shown on the attached plan.

Previous Engagement
An open house was held on January 30th at the Irish Cultural Hall to provide information to residents regarding the potential expansion of the Residential Parking Zone.  There were 68 comment forms filled in at the Open House.  40 of those who completed the form are in favour of the zone expansion and 26 are not in favour. Two of those who completed the form did not express an opinion.

Based on the majority of the comment forms completed, there is support to undertake the zone expansion. We recognize, however, that there are also a fair number who are not in favour.      

Next Steps
A report will be presented at the 2017 May 17 meeting of the Transportation and Transit Committee recommending that the existing residential parking zone (NN) in Bowness be expanded west of 85 Street NW. Members of the public are welcome to attend the meeting and provide feedback to the Committee. The meeting commences at 09:30h and will be held in Council Chambers, located in the Calgary Municipal Building, 800 Macleod Trail SE.

What does this mean to residents?
If the recommendation to expand the existing zone NN is approved, this does not mean that parking on roads within the expanded area will automatically be restricted.
• When residents of a particular street/block determine that there is a need to establish a parking restriction on their block, a petition will need to be requested through 311.
• The type of restriction (2 hour parking, parking by permit only, etc.) is at the discretion of the residents of each street/block. 
• A minimum of 80% support on the petition is required to proceed with the desired parking restriction.
• Should residents of a particular block believe that there is not a need for a parking restriction on their block, a restriction will not be implemented. The current situation will be maintained.

For further information, please contact Minh Huynh of the Traffic Division at 403-268-5520.


Bowness Residents_Potention Res Parking Zone Expansion_Apri24.jpg

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