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Ward 10/pages/news News: MAX & Rapid Transit

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 North BRT


MAX at a Glance

·         MAX improves transit operations for Calgarians.
·         MAX connects people to more destinations with fewer transfers.
·         MAX gives transit riders more convenience, direct connections and next bus arrival times.
·         MAX brings more comfort to Calgarians with heated shelters, enhanced lighting and amenities at stations.
·         MAX enhances our Rapid Transit Network, a key element of the Calgary Transportation Plan and RouteAhead.
To view Max 2018 transit network  click here​

BRT Stations​

Many existing stops on the BRT route will be replaced with new stations.

BRT Stations

One of the goals of the BRT program is to provide an improved customer experience including heated shelters, seating, next bus service messaging, and a pleasant waiting area. The stations for the North Crosstown BRT will incorporate public art on the shelter glass. The use of images on the glass of the shelters is a visual enhancement to the waiting area and has been shown in other jurisdictions to reduce the amount of vandalism and resulting operating costs.

The Crosstown BRT projects offer an opportunity to celebrate the City's Public Art Collection - the bulk of which has been built over the last century by the generosity of Calgarians and local organizations such as the Calgary Allied Arts Foundation. Selected artworks will brighten or bring interest to the spaces for transit users.

The selection of over 100 artworks required many technical, logistical and curatorial considerations. Two dimensional fine artworks such as paintings, prints, drawings, and photographs, were selected because they translate best onto glass and will allow the shelters to read like gallery walls. It was also important to demonstrate the variety in the collection in terms of the types of artworks, styles, media, period of production, and the diversity of artists in terms of age, gender, residency. Many of the artists (or their estate) are local and includes several indigenous artists.

Additional information on the City's Public Art Program can be found here​.

Public engagement and communications

Community information session will be held at Village Square Leisure Centre, October 27, 2018, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

MAX Service

·         MAX provides riders with maximum convenience, reliability, comfort, and efficiency to get transit riders where they need to go.
·         Calgary Transit customers have consistently told us that reliability, safety, value for money/quality and convenience are some of the most important aspects of their transit trip. MAX provides customers with:
o   Convenience: fewer stops, signal priority, queue jumps, dedicated lanes, next bus arrival time displays.
o   Travel time and reliability- use of transit priority infrastructure gets customers to destinations faster and more reliably.
o   Comfort and safety- enhanced CCTV, enhanced lighting, heated shelters, larger platforms.
o   Connections- access to more major destinations, and fewer transfers to get to final destinations.
North Crosstown BRT Route
North Crosstown BRT Route ​
MAX will start service on November 19th, 2018, offering Calgarians more transit options to get to where they need to go.

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