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  • Holiday Greetings 2017

    May the peace and joy of Christmas be with you today and throughout the New Year!   Christmas Greetings from Councillor Ray Jones and staff Our office  will be closed for the Holidays starting noon December 22, 2016 and will re-open January...

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  • Community Traffic Safety Meeting

    The City is dedicated to keeping our streets safe for users of all modes of transportation. Traffic Safety is of paramount concern to citizens, consistently appearing as a top concern in the City's Citizen Satisfaction surveys.   Councillor Ray Jone...

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  • Rundle Community Drop In Event

    What is The City of Calgary doing in Rundle?  Let’s talk about the future of Rundle. The City of Calgary is developing a Master Plan for the Rundle Station area and we want to hear from you. Share what you like about your community. Learn more ab...

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  • 6th Annual Community Cleanup Day!

    Councillor Ray Jones' 6th Annual Community Cleanup Day, June 18, 2016 will provide FREE, on-site disposal services including:  Residential waste and garbage collection - The City of Calgary will collect household waste and residential garbage Yard ...

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  • Clearing Storm Drains

    The importance of keeping storm drains draining In 2015, there were more than1,600 service requests related to storm drains and drainage concerns – 73 of those were related to concerns in Ward 5. In 2014, a whopping 5,036 service requests were rec...

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  • Spring 2016 Transit Route Schedule

    Calgary Transit reviews transit routes and schedules quarterly to make adjustments based on a number of factors including feedback from our customers and drivers, ridership levels and changing traffic patterns.  These adjustments are made to help imp...

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