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Ward 11 Brian's Beat: Bobcats in Calgary

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One of the joys of Calgary is how connected we are with wildlife in our city. From the birds at our backyard feeders, the hares in every corner, our regular sightings of deer and coyotes in our neighbourhoods, and the bobcats that we are finding increasingly across the city, these are amazing benefits of living here. Part of getting the most out of that benefit is to learn to live and share our space with that wildlife.

Bobcats in particular are really increasing their presence in Calgary. Each spring, I receive numerous enquiries about bobcat sightings in our neighbourhoods.

To alleviate concerns right away, bobcats are not a threat to people, so Alberta Fish and Wildlife does not take action to interrupt the population. Fish and Wildlife does recommend that small pets, in general, not be left outside overnight. Bobcats can indeed be a threat to small animals, if they are starving, they may attack a small animal out of desperation however this is rare. There is plenty of food for them in Calgary however, so this really isn’t a concern.  Unlike cougars, which we are all a bit more familiar with, the largest prey a bobcat typically goes after is a small rabbit or squirrel.

In the extremely rare circumstance that a bobcat approach a person (large or small) it has been found to be quite sick. This is the reason Fish and Wildlife keep track of the sightings, as any unusual behavior will prompt them to act immediately, for the sake of the entire bobcat population as well as the safety of area residents.

If you do see a bobcat, consider yourself lucky! They are quite shy by nature, and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for most people. If you have the chance to share a picture with your neighbours or report the sighting to Fish and Wildlife, even better. This way we can track the populations and let our neighbours know to keep an eye out for them.

This content represents the personal views and opinions of the Ward Councillor and should not be taken as a statement of policy of The City of Calgary. The inclusion of any external content does not imply endorsement by The City of Calgary.

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