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Ward 11 News: River Park, Sandy Beach and Britannia Slopes Improvement Project

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River Park, Sandy Beach and Britannia Slopes are currently undergoing a major improvement project. Phase I is now completed and Phase II is slated to begin.

In recent years it became apparent that the area was in need of a large-scale improvement. Since 2009, the City has been working with residents via a public engagement process to develop a management and design development plan.

In 2014, crews began working on Phase I which was made up of improvements that were immediately necessary, such as, trail restoration and improvements, changes to off-leash area boundaries, and the installation of fencing for the protection and restoration of the park’s natural areas.

Visit the project website for more information.

October 27, 2015 - Update
Construction of Phase II is beginning. This phase of the project includes a broader scope of work, including:
- Turf management and restoration work
- Changes to river access for dogs
- Replacing the parking lot
- Dedicated watercraft access to the river
- Planting and implementation of living fences
- Amenities upgrades including:
    - Signage
    - Washrooms that meet current environmental and accessibility standards
    - Upgrades to Sandy Beach playground
    - Picnic areas redesigned to accommodate more groups
    - Repairs to benches

- Management improvements to park including:
    - More frequent waste removal
    - Additional waste bins screened to minimize visual impact
    - Higher level of turf management
    - Enhanced bylaw and education strategies in off-leash areas
    - Development of coordinated plan with stewardship organizations

To improve citizen awareness, signs will be posted throughout the park describing the work being done. Phase II is expected to be completed by end of 2016.
June 22, 2015 – Update

Construction of Phase II is anticipated to begin in September/October 2015. Currently, the Parks team is working on the information signage to outline expected Phase II work. The public signs describing the work should be installed in the parks about a month prior to construction. The Parks team is also working closely with Animal and Bylaw Services to ensure people are aware of the land-use changes. Public education signage will be installed at strategic locations within the parks.

Temporary park sign at Sandy Beach
June 2015 - Update

Signs have been placed at Sandy Beach in regards to where dogs are required to be on-leash, and directing people to designated river access points. Standard temporary signage is being used as custom signage can take a while to generate, and will be replaced in due time.
May 2015 - Update
The River Park, Sandy Beach and Britannia Slopes Improvement project is well underway!

In 2014, the first phase included the trail restoration and fence installation and will conclude this spring with the planting of native shrubbery. Plants such as Wolf Willow and Prickly Rose will con tribute to the natural diversity of the park and help reclaim the informal trails which
Wolf willow plant
were eroding the slopes. I ask that you please be aware of these new shrubs, so they have a good chance at taking root while we have such beautiful weather.

Phase II will begin this summer, with all work expected to be finished by the end of 2016. With lots to happen in the next year and a half, be sure to check this page for updates on what’s coming up next! You can also visit the City of Calgary webpage for the park, where you can find the history of this project and additional information.

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