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Ward 11 News: Cycle Tracks Pilot Project

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cyclist in cycle track
Update June 19
The final sections of the cycle track network pilot project opened to the public the morning of Thursday, June 18, 2015. In a news release, the City shared that the project came in under-budget, ahead of schedule and preliminary ridership numbers beyond expectation.

The 8th Avenue, 9th Avenue and 12th Avenue cycle track routes are now complete and open for use. Construction of the 5th Street cycle track route is complete, except for a southbound cyclist-only detour at 15th Avenue. There have been changes to parking along the cycle track routes, so please look for the new parking signage when parking!

Please note that Stephen Avenue is now a shared space for people walking and cycling, as bike riding is now allowed all hours of the day.

Remember to watch for new signs, signals and pavement markings. Be understanding and courteous to one another as we all get used to the changes on the roadway! Whether you drive, walk or cycle, please contact 311 with your questions and feedback.
Update June 9
Over the course of the next 18 months, the City will be monitoring and evaluating the efficiency and safety of the Cycle Tracks Pilot Project roadway from the perspective of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.
The 12th Avenue cycle track opened on June 2 as construction was completed early due to the agreeable weather. The other routes will be opened when construction and testing are complete, and when the roadway is safe for all users. The network is expected to be fully open by the end of June. 311 Calgary welcomes any questions or feedback.
As we all get used to the new roadway, it’s important that all road users understand and watch for new signs, signals and pavement markings. Check out these great resources to get acquainted with the changes and learn about bike safety:
-          New signs and signals
-          Cycling education programs
Bicycle Ambassadors, wearing blue shirts or jackets, will be along the routes and at festivals and events all summer, talking about how to use and interact with the cycle tracks, whether you’re in a vehicle, on foot or on a bike.
Finally, we invite you to join the Cycle Track Network launch party on Sunday June 21st! You will be able to test-ride the cycle tracks and learn from firsthand the Bike ambassadors about changes to traffic, new signs and signals, and most importantly, bike safety! There will also be a great program of music, YYC Food Trucks and activities for the whole family.
Remember, June is Bike Month in Calgary! Now is the time to promote cycling resources, events and encourage us all to enjoy our commute by bike.

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