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Ward 11 News: Southwest Calgary Ring Road

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The recent Government of Alberta’s budget announcement confirmed they are still on schedule to begin construction of the Southwest Calgary Ring Road in 2016 and open it before 2022.
The City of Calgary has been meeting with Alberta Transportation and local communities regularly over the past year and will continue to do so throughout 2015, as there are a number of items as part of this large project. The City will design, and in many cases, build the roadways that connect the ring road to southwest Calgary. The City is also reviewing traffic patterns and volumes expected on city roads once the ring road opens. The report on the review of downstream impacts will be brought to Council in late 2015. Read more on The City’s role at
Construction of the West Calgary Ring Road section has been pushed back by the Government of Alberta to 2020-2021.
If you’re interested in more information about this project or the history of the area, though not written by the city or the province, a great source is The History of a Road.
The Government of Alberta has posted some answers to Frequently Asked Questions on the Ring Road.
Here are more details on some popular topics about the ring road:
Construction - where and when 
The successful contractor will determine when, how and where to begin construction on the Southwest and West Calgary ring roads. To complete the remaining 31km piece of the ring road, its expected construction will be underway at multiple locations at the same time. All of the Southwest Calgary ring road will open at one time, followed by the opening of all of the West Calgary ring road.
The City is scheduled to complete all the connections and any road improvements required before the ring road opens. The construction schedule for these connections will be available after the traffic review is completed.
Noise reduction measures
The Province of Alberta is conducting a noise attenuation study along the Southwest and West Calgary Ring Road alignments. The study will determine locations and height of noise reduction measures if sound levels are projected to exceed Alberta Transportation’s noise attenuation guidelines. The final decision on sound barrier locations, design and materials will not be determined until the final design phase is underway and the ring road is under construction.
The City will also be conducting a noise study on the roadway connection pieces to the ring road (where roads don’t exist now or will be widened): 
  • Bow Trail, between the Transportation Utility Corridor (TUC) and Old Banff Coach Road
  • Glenmore Trail, between 37 Street S.W. and Crowchild Trail
  • Westhills Way (new road and connection)
  • 90 Avenue (connection piece)
  • Southland Drive (connection piece)
  • Anderson Road, between the Transportation Utility Corridor (TUC) and 14 Street S.W. 
It’s expected The City’s initial study results will be available in fall of 2015 as part of the first phase of planning and design work for these roads. 
Truck retarder brakes and the ring road 
The use of engine retarder brakes is prohibited in the City of Calgary, including the ring road. 
Changes to Calgary’s traffic volumes and patterns after the ring road opens  
Through Council’s direction, the project team will “review the impacts and implications of the new ring road sections, evaluate solutions to mitigate impacts and approach the Province to discuss these solutions including options to fund improvements as part of the ring road program.”   
That means the City is reviewing the expected changes to traffic patterns and volumes on Calgary’s southwest roads when the ring road opens. Based on those results, the City will recommend any necessary changes to roads and intersections, so people can keep moving on the right roads when the ring road opens. The City is planning to present the traffic review results and recommendations to Council in late 2015. 
Pathway and sidewalk connections across the ring road 
The City contributed funds and worked with Alberta Transportation to make sure there were sidewalks and pathways in the correct locations, connecting popular walking and cycling routes across the ring road. Here are the interchange bridges that have the 4.2m pathway’s included in the design (all otherWest and Southwest Ring Road interchanges include at least one sidewalk for crossing the ring road): 
  • Valley Ridge Boulevard/Hwy 1
  • Old Banff Coach Road/Ring Road
  • 17 Avenue S.W./ Ring Road
  • 69 Street S.W./ Ring Road
  • 37 Street S.W./Glenmore Trail
  • Anderson Road/ Ring Road area
    • Pedestrian bridge crossing Anderson Road, just east of the interchange that connects the north-south pathway
    • Pedestrian bridge crossing the ring road, just north of the Anderson Road interchange

  • Fish Creek Boulevard/146 Avenue S.W./ Ring Road
  • 162 Avenue S.W./ Ring Road
  • Spruce Meadows Way/ Ring Road
  • Sheriff King Street and 6 Street S.W./ Ring Road

The pathways match The City’s 2000 Bikeway and Pathway Map locations for this section of the ring road. Some existing pathways and sidewalks will connect to each other across the interchanges. Others will connect to future pathways and sidewalks as areas develop to the west. 

This content represents the personal views and opinions of the Ward Councillor and should not be taken as a statement of policy of The City of Calgary. The inclusion of any external content does not imply endorsement by The City of Calgary.

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