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Ward 11 news: Supporting Partnerships for Urban Reinvestment (SPUR) Kingsland

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What is SPUR?

The Supporting Partnerships for Urban Reinvestment (SPUR) project allows the public and The City to work together and identify often overlooked public spaces that are in need of improvement. The goal of the improvements is to enhance walking and improve the quality of life for the local residents. SPUR was approved by City Council on May 7, 2012 as a Council Innovation Fund project and is co-funded by The City and the Kingsland Community Association.

The project selection phase of SPUR has been completed!

Take a look at the SPUR priorities posters to see which projects were selected and will be presented to Council.

In the media:

An article written on February 12, 2013 on the SPUR pilot project occurring in Kingsland can be found at CREBnow.

What is the project process?

Kingsland has a strong desire to improve their neighbourhood. The Kingsland Community Association has already produced a Community Plan that identifies areas in need of improvements.

Over fall 2012, The City of Calgary and the Kingsland Community Association worked together to host two public open houses. On October 14, a Community BBQ was held to gather ideas for public space improvements. Approximately 75 residents attended to share their ideas. This event was followed up with an interactive online map where residents submitted their suggestions for improvement throughout the month of October. In total, 250 suggestions were received, which were then consolidated to allow for easy prioritization.

In November 2012, a second open house was held for residents to prioritize their public space improvements while enjoying some family fun activities. Approximately 60 people attended the event. Residents were able to prioritize their improvements online through an interactive map throughout the month of November. As people selected public space improvements, the cost of the improvements would be subtracted from the $227,800 capital budget; once complete, they could submit their ideal budget. Over 130 budgets were received and informed the final project list.

On January 19, 2013, The City of Calgary and the Kingsland Community Association hosted a Winter Ice-Skating Party to celebrate the public space improvement ideas the community selected and prioritized. Approximately 85 people attended this celebration!

This final SPUR budget will be presented to the Priorities and Finance Committee in March 2013 and Council in spring 2013. Once Council approval is received, we will start implementing the projects on-the-ground.

How do I get involved?

After the budget is presented to Council we will begin work on implementing the community’s ideas to improve Kingsland’s public spaces. You and your family can help by dedicating volunteer time to these projects through hands-on ‘sweat equity’ or joining us for various celebrations throughout the implementation phase.

Stay involved and in the loop by:

What is the timeline?

  • Project start up - May to June 2012
  • Community participation and feedback - Fall/Winter 2012
  • Report back to City Council - Spring 2013
  • Design and construction - Spring/Summer 2013

This content represents the personal views and opinions of the Ward Councillor and should not be taken as a statement of policy of The City of Calgary. The inclusion of any external content does not imply endorsement by The City of Calgary.

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