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Ward 11 Brian's Beat: The Time Has Come the Walrus Said, To Speak of Many Things

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I have had the greatest pleasure to be the Councillor for Ward 11 in Calgary since 2007. I embarked on this journey dedicated to explore opportunities to make our community and our city a more sustainable and inclusive place. My passion for this work has never waned throughout the past almost 10 years. I am as committed to our community today as I was when I decided to make the step into municipal government. I remain committed to building and supporting our community as I take my next step.

All that said, I have decided to not run in the 2017 Municipal Election.

When I started in 2007, I was passionate about a number of issues and had many goals that I wanted to achieve. I feel that I have done so, including changing the way we grow our city, abating the unsustainable and expensive suburban sprawl pattern we had experienced for the last 50 years, improving cycling infrastructure, expanding transit, and supporting a vibrant arts sector. I discovered a few goals along the way that surprised me, especially my passion for improving the auditing process at the City of Calgary - a process I led in 2008-11. And through it all, working with communities across Ward 11 to support them, addressing their challenges and issues, and initiating new ways to engage their neighbours has been incredibly rewarding.

There are issues that I was determined to make significant headway on that I think need more work. I wish that I had been successful on getting a ban on the cosmetic use of pesticides in our city, to protect our children when they are playing in the yard or the neighbourhood park.  As I have worked on the affordable housing file for many years with the Federal and Provincial governments, as well as the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, I have come to realize the challenges for addressing this very significant issue in Calgary lie with the other orders of government. Provincial and Federal policy and financing are key barriers to making real progress to provide safe and affordable housing for all. As well, the work of Reconciliation with indigenous peoples is just beginning. This too will require the commitment of all orders of government to work together to be true partners with our indigenous brothers and sisters.

There is more work to be done.  I don't know what my next step is; but I do know that the only way to discover what oppportunities lie ahead is to close the current door.

I will continue to work for a more inclusive community, where everyone has a chance to succeed in their own way and on their own terms. I remain dedicated to the deep egalitarian principles that I believe are embedded in the psyche of this great city, our strong province, and our welcoming and inclusive country. I truly am excited to see how I might be doing that in the future.

I have deep thanks to all those who have supported me as the Ward 11 Councillor for the past 10 years.  It has been an honour to work with and learn from all of you. It has been a pleasure working with the wonderful staff in the Ward 11 office;  they have made it a joy to come to work each day. I also have had the honour of working with City of Calgary staff who are dedicated, day in and day out, to making our city better.

Last, and never least, has been the opportunity to work with residents across Ward 11 to make their communities better. You have always been an inspiration to do more and to try harder.


This content represents the personal views and opinions of the Ward Councillor and should not be taken as a statement of policy of The City of Calgary. The inclusion of any external content does not imply endorsement by The City of Calgary.

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