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SW Transitway BRT

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The SW Transitway BRT project is a new 22 km bus route that runs from Woodbine to downtown. The new service will connect communities in the southwest directly to Glenmore Landing, Heritage Park, Rockyview Hospital, Mount Royal University, Lincoln Park, Currie Barracks, Marda Loop and downtown.


Update July, 2017

Starting in the next few weeks, The City will start construction on atransit only lane in the road right of way at the southeast corner of the Crowchild Trail and Glenmore Trail S.W. interchange. As part of the construction in this area, a segment of the noise wall will be moved to accommodate the transit only road. Based on noise studies in this area, the addition of the transit lane will not have a significant effect on the current noise levels, and we will be planting landscaping in the area to provide separation from nearby houses.
The new road will only be used by BRT buses during times of congestion on Crowchild Trail to Glenmore Trail flyover. As part of the construction this year, The City will also be adding painted,bus only lanes to the shoulder lane of Glenmore Trail (eastbound). The bus only shoulder lanes will be used by buses, when safe to do so, during rush hour to bypass congestion on Glenmore Trail.

Construction of the dedicated transit only lanes south of Glenmore trail will start in 2018, and the BRT service will be up and running in late 2019.

Update May 1, 2017

As directed at the July 25, 2016 meeting of Council, The City has completed the facilitated citizen involvement sessions and online engagement to move to the final design for the SW BRT. Feedback and input collected from the online engagement and the workshop with stakeholders is now posted in a ‘what we heard report’, including verbatim comments on and on the SW BRT Engage site.

Update February 16, 2017

The City of Calgary is moving into the last phase of design for the
Southwest Transitway Bus Rapid Transit (SWBRT) project, and is seeking your input. An online tool will collect input from Calgarians beginning Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017.

Use the online tool to provide your input on the design and details of:

- Pedestrian overpass at 90th  Avenue SW
Construction staging and phasing
Station connections (including pedestrian overpass at 75th Avenue SW)
Noise attenuation

Input will be collected from Calgarians living and working near the future route, as well Calgarians who may someday make use of the city’s BRT network. The City will compile and analyze all feedback, along with technical and engineering considerations to inform the final design for the SWBRT. The City will post a “What We Heard” report which will be made available online in April.


Update January 6, 2017

ATCO provided my office with an update on their Urban Pipeline Replacement Program along 14th Street SW in conjunction with the SW BRT construction. Included in this project are the following routes, please click on the links to view route details:
Area residents should receive this ATCO Postcard in the mail. View more details about ATCO's Pipeline Replacement Program in Ward 11​

Update October 28, 2016

At this time, the project team is finalizing the designs of the north portion of the SW BRT, from Glenmore North to downtown. The project team expects to go to tender very soon, with construction beginning next year.

For the south portion, the project team has been working with ATCO to prepare for their work on replacing the gas lines under 14th Street SW, as part of ATCO's Urban Pipeline Replacement Program. We expect that work to also begin in 2017.

The project team will be going out to the public again in 2017 in preparation for the final designs and then going to tender on the south portion of the SW BRT. The expectation is to begin construction on that portion in 2018, as soon as ATCO has completed their work, with a completion of the full BRT in 2019.

As soon as my office gets further information or notice of any public events, we will share this with residents of the area.

Update July 25th, 2016

Council approved the recommendations moved by the Transportation and Transit Committee to pursue option 1: to take advantage of the work ATCO is required to complete as part of their Urban Pipeline Renewal Project, and coordinate their construction with the construction of the dedicated transitway, as 14th Street SW will be dug up to accommodate the pipeline work.

I brought forward a MotionArising to direct administration to begin work on the design and construction of a pedestrian overpass at 14th Street and 90th Avenue SW, with the goal of its completion for the opening of the SW BRT.

Update July 21st, 2016

Following the public portion, and further questions for Administration, committee moved recommendations concerning the project to further address the concerns that were heard. Specifically, we moved that:

1.       Receive this report for information;

2.       Direct Administration to communicate responses to the 62 questions (Attachment 2) with the public and stakeholders;

3.       Direct Administration to continue to work with the: 

a)  Mayor and the area Councillors on a detailed plan and budget that responds to travel demand while seeking to minimize impacts to key stakeholders and the travelling public,

b)   and to proceed with the implementation of the SW BRT project in a staged manner consistent with Option 1 as outlined in this report;

4.       Direct Administration to continue working closely with ATCO on the development of an efficient staging plan, in conjunction with the BRT phasing plan, for construction on the 14 Street SW corridor which maximizes mobility and minimizes disruption to the surrounding communities, while ensuring construction is completed in a cost effective and timely manner;

5.       Direct Administration that Program 566 is not to exceed the previously approved Council budget of $208 million. Within the approved Program 566 budget, Administration can redistribute the funding between the North Crosstown, South Crosstown, 17 Avenue SE and Southwest BRT projects with a consistent scope to these projects to effectively deliver a BRT network for Calgarians.

6.       Direct Administration to report back with recommendations to Council through the Priorities and Finance Committee with a progress report no later than 2016 December 31 with:

a)      Changes to the City’s capital budgeting process, including but not limited to consideration of Class 1-5 cost estimating process;

b)      Criteria used to rank capital projects;

c)       Criteria for determining the appropriate contingencies for projects; and

d)      The Council approval process in relation to cost estimates, contingencies, budgets and scope changes;

7.       Direct SPC on Transportation and Transit to forward report TT2016-0578 to the 2016 July 25 Regular Meeting of Council as an item of Urgent Business.

8.       Direct Administration to undertake a facilitated citizen involvement approach for the proposed SW BRT project south of Glenmore Trail, as soon as possible, to include but not limited to:

a)    Utilizing the latest online tools;

b)     Workshops; and

c)      Citizen opportunities to provide input on project components (stations and sound attenuation), community impacts, risks (safety) and phasing.


Update July 13th, 2016

The City has now published the Transportation Report to SPC on T&T - 2016 July 20 in advance of the Committee Meeting to give us all time to read the materials before July 20. Attachment 2 of the Report, the Southwest BRT Response to Questions, has been separated into its own PDF due to file size.


Update April 21st, 2016

Yesterday, the Transportation and Transit committee heard the update report from city administration on the development of 4 BRT’s across the city. The SW BRT is part of that package approved by city council. 

Over the course of the day, committee heard from 53 members of the public giving their input and feeback on the proposed BRT’s. The vast majority of the public was there to speak to the SW BRT. Over the course of the day and evening, city staff compiled all of the questions that were heard from the public. They have committed to answering all 62 of the questions expressed.

Update March 23rd, 2016

The SW Transitway BRT Online Engagement Portal is now available. Please take this opportunity to comment, make suggestions, ask questions, and rate the importance of certain design features.

Update February 24th, 2016

Thank you to everyone who attended the City of Calgary's information session on February 23rd, 2016 at the Woodcreek Community Association. Today, Mayor Nenshi announced that future in-person public information sessions on the project are cancelled.

This is the information I shared around the session:

My letter to community members (shared at the information session on February 23rd, 2016)

My letter to the community following public information session cancellations (February 24th, 2016)


Please read my FAQs that respond to the most common questions I am hearing:


Additional information can be found on the SW Transitway BRT Project website.



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