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  • Ward 11 holiday office hours

    The holiday season is upon us, which means that our office hours will be changing temporarily. The Ward 11 office will be closed starting at 4:30 pm on December 19th, and we will be returning to the office the morning of January 5th. Any phone calls ...

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  • Brian's Beat: Cycle Track Letter of Support

    Calgary has come a long way in how we consider, plan and build transportation infrastructure. If you take a look at how we have embraced transit, we are the envy of other cities. Year over year, transit ridership growth outstrips population growth. M...

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  • Brian's Beat: Haiti - Perspective Sets In

    Left Haiti this afternoon. In Miami tonight for a layover before the flight home to Calgary tomorrow. A colleague in Haiti working on the same project (he is helping them set up garbage collection and waste management) told me as I left that it’s on ...

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  • Brian's Beat: Haiti - Chaos Tipping Towards Anarchy

    Today was my last full day in Haiti. My flight out is tomorrow afternoon at 5:30 to get back to Calgary for 2 p.m. on Sunday. And by the way, I checked the Calgary weather forecast…. I am not impressed!As far as meetings go, I am definitely going out...

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  • Brian's Beat: Haiti - Final Days, Why We're Here

    The end of the trip is in sight! Only a couple more days before I head back home to Calgary, and winter. I think the weather gods are doing their best to ensure that I have the biggest temperature shock possible, as the last two days it has been abou...

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  • Brian's Beat: Haiti - Here's Where We Make the Difference

    Today was the day that I had been waiting for, I finally got the chance to head out into the Region Des Palmes.While most of my work to date has been in Port-Au-Prince meeting with national government types, a significant part of the work that the PC...

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  • Haiti - The Port au Prince Starfield

    Another long day of meetings and running around Port-Au-Prince, and honestly, it is exhausting. This evening, my last meeting ended at 8:00 PM, and we were quite a distance from the hotel. The ride back was through many sections of the city that do n...

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  • Brian's Beat: Haiti - Ohhhh, the Bureaucracy

    Today was an exercise in frustration. For the end of this mission, by the time I leave on Saturday evening, I have to submit a report on my findings and a suggested work plan for the coming year as well as for the next five years to achieve the pro...

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  • Brian's Beat: Haiti - Context is Key

    Today was a day off. What that means is that everyone on the team pretty much relaxed around the hotel and the pool at the hotel, and talked about the project! One of the things that was drilled into me from the outset was that context is important,...

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  • Brian's Beat: Haiti - A Tale of Two Views

    Haiti is a country of contrasts, deep contrasts. After almost a week here, they jump out more each day. As I write this, I am on a terrace overlooking Port-Au-Prince, beside the pool of the hotel where I am staying. It is quite a lovely hotel that wo...

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