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  • Brian's Beat: Haiti - Ohhhh, the Bureaucracy

    Today was an exercise in frustration. For the end of this mission, by the time I leave on Saturday evening, I have to submit a report on my findings and a suggested work plan for the coming year as well as for the next five years to achieve the pro...

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  • Brian's Beat: Haiti - Context is Key

    Today was a day off. What that means is that everyone on the team pretty much relaxed around the hotel and the pool at the hotel, and talked about the project! One of the things that was drilled into me from the outset was that context is important,...

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  • Brian's Beat: Haiti - A Tale of Two Views

    Haiti is a country of contrasts, deep contrasts. After almost a week here, they jump out more each day. As I write this, I am on a terrace overlooking Port-Au-Prince, beside the pool of the hotel where I am staying. It is quite a lovely hotel that wo...

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  • Brian's Beat: Haiti - Tout en Francais

    Today was an exhausting day. Meetings all day and a lot of running around Port-Au-Prince getting from one to the next. One of the things I was warned about prior to coming, and repeatedly since arriving, is that meetings in Haiti don't happen when t...

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  • Brian's Beat: Haiti - So much government, so little power

    Haiti is described as chaotic. And it is! It is a tumbled mess, literally and figuratively. The streets are full of people everywhere, everything happening at the same time. Getting around can only be described as chaotic as people and vehicles are e...

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  • Brian's Beat: Haiti - Safety First

    First full day on the ground is done. We started the day with more orientation meetings where we got a better understanding of the lay of the ground and the goals of the Program for this year as well as the next five years. And we spent a lot of time...

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  • Brian's Beat: Haiti - First Impressions

    I landed in Haiti this morning at 9:00. The first thing that hits you is the humidity, and coming from Calgary, it packs quite a wallop. The second thing that hits is the sound. From stepping off the plane, this place is loud. People everywhere, loud...

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  • Brian's Beat: Off to Haiti

    I leave this afternoon for 13 days in Haiti. While that might not seem like a big deal, it was exactly two weeks ago that I found out I was going. Since then it has been a mad scramble of getting ready. I had to make sure that all my immunization sho...

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