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Notice of motion: Secondary suites in undeveloped R-1 districts

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Ward 14 Official Website
First brought to Council:
April 11, 2011
Carried as amended.

It's important that there be safe, low-cost housing in Calgary. Safe, low-cost housing can be a part of the solution to homelessness in our city. Secondary suites have the potential to be a part of that solution, but have been a divisive issue on Council.

Traditionally, when people have purchased houses, they have done so under the impression that there will not be a secondary rental suite next door. They have done so with the hope that there will not be cars permanently parked in front of their houses. Introducing these impositions on homeowners after they've purchased their home seems unfair and is something that we want to avoid.

By including secondary suites as part of the permitted uses in communities that are yet to be developed, we can ensure there is additional safe, low-cost housing available for their inclusion. By doing this we can also ensure that potential home-buyers are aware that they may have a secondary suite next door before they decide to buy in the neighborhood. We can offer the transparency expected by current and future home buyers in Calgary.

Alderman Peter Demong proposed this solution to Council by notice of motion.

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