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  • Ward 14 News: June 2018 Newsletter

    Hi Ward 14! I think most Calgarians are itching to spend some time outside when June rolls around. Everyone is looking to have some fun. Fun Summer Activities I don’t usually go into much detail about recreational programs. In my print...

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  • Ward 14 News: My position on Calgary's Olympic Bid

    The City of Calgary is currently grappling with the prospect of bidding for the 2026 Winter Olympic Games. City Council created the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Assessment Committee to advise itself on that topic. I was voted Vice-Chair of thi...

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  • Ward 14 News: Provincial Police Act Overhaul

    First brought to Council: May 28, 2018 Outcome: Carried Unanimously Provincial legislation can sometimes remain without revision for decades. Times change, and occasionally the need for an update becomes apparent. Community expectations, and industr...

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  • Ward 14 News: May 2018 Newsletter

    Hello everyone! Lois Walsh has served in different roles with the Councillors’ Office for 22 years, and she has served as my Executive Assistant since I began as Councillor. There is no doubt she has made a positive mark on Calgary and Ward 14. Than...

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  • Ward 14 News: Ensuring Transparency and Appropriate Use of Closed Meetings

    First brought to Council: April 5, 2018 Outcome: Carried Unanimously City Council is a democratically elected body and it should be accountable to the citizens of Calgary. It is governed by the Municipal Government Act which sets out that Council an...

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  • Ward 14 News: April 2018 Newsletter

    Hello Ward 14! I have been using this new newsletter format for months now. I write a short summary of what I intended to write about in the online version. That is what you are reading now, so I can safely assume that you have got the gist. Not on...

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  • Ward 14 News: March 2018 Newsletter

    Hi Ward 14, By the time March is over the seasons will have changed, and you might also say the way the City of Calgary deals with secondary suites is entering a new season. Changes to Secondary Suite Approval Process ...

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  • Ward 14 News: Where do my taxes go?

    If you have not already visited particular a section called “Where do my taxes go?”—I urge you to do so. Stay Connected with email updates! I have been pushing for something like this since I was elected. It is a huge...

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  • Ward 14 News: February 2018 Newsletter

    Hello Ward 14! February is the month where I really find the rhythm of the new year. Schedules have been jumbled, there are new faces around the table, and then the chaos of the holidays. It is good to have things settling down and feeling norma...

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  • Ward 14 News: January 2018 Newsletter

    Greetings! It is a new year, and if you are reading this you already know there is a new format for this column. There is so much that I want to tell you each month, but there are also many other worthwhile things that find their way onto the pages ...

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