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New Transit Route in Nolan Hill
Article Date:03/07/2017

Calgary Transit will be introducing service to the community Nolan Hill starting Monday, March 20th, 2017.  The service will run every 30 minutes in peak hours. The focus of the service will be in the peak direction. This means that in the morning there will be six trips going into Brentwood Station and three trips going back to Nolan Hill.  In the afternoon there will be six trips going to Nolan Hill and three trips going back to Brentwood Station. 

The new Route 82 will connect Nolan Hill to Sage Hill Hub (Walmart), to Brentwood LRT Station, and to Beacon Hill shopping centre.

Calgary Transit will also be changing the name of Route 429 Sherwood to Route 129 Dalhousie – Sage Hill to better represent the high level of service provided and the connections available on the route.

Nolan Hill Transit Service PDF.pdfNolan Hill Transit Service PDF.pdf



Stoney Trail / Sarcee Trail Interchange Improvements & 112 Ave NW Widening

Article Date:01/27/2016 
This important project that I have been advocating for will help reduce travel time for commuters traveling on Sarcee Trail to Stoney Trail, enhance safety and reduce congestion. For more information, see:

Sarcee Trail NW open to traffic from 128th Avenue NW to 144th Avenue NW

Article Date: 12/24/2015

A commitment I made to Ward 2 residents was to get Sarcee Trail NW open to traffic from 128th Avenue NW to 144th Avenue NW before year’s end. Effective today, this important stretch of road is now open to traffic. Not only does this project provide better accessibility to 144th Avenue, It will also reduce heavy truck congestion on Country Hills Boulevard, 112th Avenue and Shaganappi Trail. Many thank to all that made this project happen including United, Walton Development and Management, Volker Stevin and the City of Calgary.


 Article Date:12/07/2015 

A priority of mine has been to increase the public transit options in Ward 2. Effective December 7 Calgary Transit amended Route #425 to include stops at the Sage Hill Wal-Mart. This change was made in order to provide service to the employees and customers at this fast-growing commercial centre. The service should also help future residents of the multi-family and seniors’ units under construction nearby. Additionally, the new inbound stop on Sage Hill Dr @ Symons Valley Rd will also mean Sage Meadows residents won’t have to ride outbound on the whole route before heading inbound. See map for full details:

Route 425


Article Date:12/02/2015
 Sherwood Drive is now open from Sherwood Blvd to 128th St 

Sherwood Drive


37th STREET TO 128th AVE 

 Article Date:12/01/215 
 37th St to 128th Ave is now open to traffic providing Kincora better access to Shaganappi Trail
37th Street


 Article Date:10/16/2015 
City Council approved the Sarcee Trail Interchange Upgrade at Stoney Trail NW. The Sarcee Trail Interchange Project will also widen 112th Avenue from two to four lanes between 69th Street and Sarcee Trail. This project will reduce travel time for commuters traveling on Sarcee Trail to Stoney Trail, enhance safety and reduce congestion. 
Sarcee Trail Interchange


Article Date:10/15/2015 
 In October I toured our ward with senior officials from The City of Calgary Transportation department.  I wanted them to see firsthand some of the transportation challenges throughout our ward, but also the progress already made on numerous important projects. 

Sarcee Trail NW completion  

Sarcee Trail NW Completion
 Sarcee Trail NW Completion from 128th Avenue NW to 144th Avenue NW is a priority as it is a crucial project for the continued growth of our communities. Upgrades have also been approved for the Sarcee Trail and Stoney Trail Interchange. When complete, this project will remove the requirement for weaving while climbing the grade on Sarcee Trail.  This project will enhance safety and reduce congestion. 

Country Hills Boulevard and 112th Avenue NW

The intersection of Country Hills Boulevard and 112th Avenue NW has seen a number of accidents, particularly involving heavy trucks.  I talked with our transportation officials about some solutions that would enhance safety at this busy intersection. Even while we were at this location talking about solutions, we observed dozens of vehicles going through a red light, not just heavy trucks.  

Traffic safety enhancements around Citadel Park School    

Traffic safery enhancements around Citadel Park School
I had a good conversation with the Principal and Vice Principal at Citadel Park School about making some safety enhancements around their school. Three enhancements discussed were the addition of a four-way stop, a “hug and go” zone on the west side of Citadel Drive NW and a “No u-turn” sign during school hours at Citadel Drive NW in front of the school. Also, we observed the newly installed crosswalk on Citadel Drive NW which is an important safety enhancement for the school children. I heard first hand that the parents love the new crosswalk.  

Evanspark Boulevard  

I met with CPS and listened to concerns from a local resident about the high speed of traffic on Evanspark Boulevard. We also discussed possible ways to enhance safety at the crosswalk across Evanspark Boulevard and Evansview Gate.

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