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Ward 3 News: December 11 Council update

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Greetings, Ward 3 and fellow Calgarians! I’m really pumped to bring you some good news from City Council.

New East-West Bus Route
First, we had an announcement from Calgary Transit this morning that a long-awaited east-west connection has been implemented for our northern communities. Last month, we directed Calgary Transit to look for efficiencies when we restored their proposed budget cuts. In plain language, we asked them to take a good look at which routes are underutilized and where service is lacking. Based on this direction, they were able to examine Routes 430 and 100 to come up with a new plan.

Starting December 25, 2017, Route 100 will now extend from North Pointe to McKnight-Westwinds Station. Travel times are estimated at about 37 minutes eastbound from North Pointe and 42 minutes westbound from McKnight-Westwinds (including a brief layover at the airport, requiring no transfers or bus changes). This route is also sensitive to the start and finish times of employee shifts at the airport. For more information, visit:

Secondary Suites Reform
Next, we passed a Notice of Motion for secondary suite reform today. Administration has been directed to bring back a revised land use bylaw that makes secondary suites discretionary in all single detached residential areas, as well as establish a registry for suites and reinstate the application fee. The end result will be a process that is based on adherence to regulations and guidelines, to be reviewed by City Administration. This means the end of public hearings with emotional pleas from those in favour of or those in opposition to secondary suite applications. Allowing people to adapt their homes for changing family needs, and providing safe options for reasonably priced housing, are two positive outcomes from this decision.

Joint Use Agreement
In addition to this great news, I continue to work with City Administration to see how the Joint Use Agreement (JUA) can be leveraged to allow complementary uses on sites that are presently designated for single uses only. Plain language – how do we use existing school sites to create mixed purpose areas that could potentially accommodate a public high school with appropriate neighbouring services like seniors’ activities, before/after school care, or something similar. It’s not the typical way to build a school, and it may be a new way to ensure our overlooked communities are retrofitted to meet our needs. I’ll be engaging with the Northern Hills Community Association, Calgary Board of Education trustees and our MLA to see if we can make this happen.

Finally, our Ward 3 Office is also looking at some issues you have raised around land use applications in the community, traffic safety, airplane noise and community standards. We’ll provide information as it becomes available to us.

This content represents the personal views and opinions of the Ward Councillor and should not be taken as a statement of policy of The City of Calgary. The inclusion of any external content does not imply endorsement by The City of Calgary.

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