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Ward 3 News: Snow and Ice Control Program

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Ward 3 official website Roads Maintenance

Roads has a planned, measured response to snowfall that keeps roads safe during the winter season.  Crews clear city roads based on a council approved priority system.  While snow is falling, crews will maintain Priority 1 routes.  Once the snow stops falling, crews will move from Priority 1 routes and work through the 7 day snow event plan until they reach Priority 4 routes or residential roads.

Snow Route Parking Bans 

Snow Route parking bans are temporary parking restrictions that are put into effect when crews need to clear significant accumulations of snow off city streets.
Parking bans are declared by The City and can last up to 72 hours.  Cars must remain off Snow Routes until the ban is lifted.

Snow and Ice Control on Pathways

The City of Calgary Parks crews are committed to clearing snow on pathways within 24 hours of when the snow stops falling and on sidewalks adjacent to parks within 72 hours.

Of the 800 km of pathways that exist city-wide, Council has approved snow clearing for up to 350 km, requiring Parks to prioritize the pathway network.

Criteria used to determine which pathways are snow-cleared include:

  • Pathway use during winter
  • The steepness of the pathway and the safety of both citizens who use the pathway and crews who maintain it
  • Whether the pathway is required for access to LRT stations, schools, business districts or recreation centres
  • Whether the pathway connects to or is part of the priority cycling network

Some trails/pathways, due to the steepness of the slope or site conditions, are best used only during the non-winter months and are not snow cleared due to safety concerns for pathway users and crews who maintain them.  Parks discourages citizens from clearing pathways that are steep and unsafe for snow removal, and may become extremely icy during melt/freeze conditions.

Snow and Ice Control on Sidewalks

Shovelling snow on sidewalks is a necessity as snow accumulations present a public safety concern.  Animal & Bylaw Services focuses on the snow clearing of residential private property sidewalks as part of The City's Street Bylaw.  Owners/Occupants are responsible for the complete removal of snow and ice from all sidewalks adjacent to the front or side of their property within 24 hours after the snow stops falling.

Snow Angels 

Clearing snow and ice from sidewalks can be very challenging for older adults and persons with limited mobility.  Older adults or others with limited mobility may suffer severe injuries in a fall on ice and/or snow.  Citizens are asked to consider being a Snow Angel by adopting a sidewalk to keep clear for someone in their neighbourhood this winter.

If someone has helped clear a walk, citizens are asked to call 311 so the Snow Angel can be officially recognized.



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