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Ward 5 News: 68 ST NE Roundabout Update

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When Stoney Trail opened in 2009, drivers taking the west exit from Stoney Trail at 16 Avenue N.E. could no longer turn left (south) at 68 Street N.E. This change was initiated because of provincial safety standards that prohibit merging at high speeds close to major intersections.

In order to travel south, some drivers make illegal (and dangerous) left turns at 68 Street N.E. when coming off of Stoney Trail at 16 Avenue, or they make a right hand turn at 68 Street N.E. and turn into and out of the shopping mall at Monterey Square

After listening to concerns from residents in Abbeydale, Marlborough Park, and Penbrooke Meadows about this situation, City administration proposed a roundabout at 68 Street and Monterey Square N.E., which would have provided a legal u-turn option for commuters and local residents.

In May 2015, a public open house was held about the proposal and an online opportunity was provided from May to June to gather public feedback on the proposal.

The public consultation found that there was little support from community residents or businesses for this project. During their decision-making process on whether to proceed with the project, The City of Calgary considered this lack of support in making their decision. The decision has been made not to proceed with building a roundabout at 68 Street N.E. and Monterey Square.

However, the traffic safety issue will remain unresolved; specifically, the illegal and dangerous left turns made by some drivers from westbound Trans Canada Highway (16 Avenue East) to southbound 68 Street N.E. The roundabout was intended as a safe alternative to legally make a u-turn.

The Transportation Department will explore some other options to improve safety in this area. They will continue to identify the interchange project at Trans Canada Highway and 68 Street N.E. in the Transportation Infrastructure Investment Plan (TIIP) process as a candidate project. (The most recent 2015-2024 TIIP update did not include this project in the 10-year funded or un-funded program.)

For information on the results of the Open House and online feedback, please see the 68 Street Roundabout page on web site.

This content represents the personal views and opinions of the Ward Councillor and should not be taken as a statement of policy of The City of Calgary. The inclusion of any external content does not imply endorsement by The City of Calgary.

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