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Positions on Issues in the Media

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9/11/2017. Metro Calgary- Healthy forest vs. healthy lungs: Calgary councillor asks for smoke mitigation

9/10/2017. Calgary Herald- City auditors cite lack of confidence in water billing, meters in wake of complaints

9/10/2017. Metro Calgary- City auditor finds problems with Calgary water meters

9/6/2017. Global Calgary- City of Calgary sells 70K sliding-scale low-income transit passes in first 3 months

9/6/2017. Calgary Herald- City faces $4 million funding gap after low-income bus pass exceeds expected popularity 

9/6/2017. CBC News- City needs additional $4M for low-income transit passes

7/24/2017. Calgary Herald- Council votes down Olympic plebiscite

7/20/2017. Metro Calgary- 'This is the meat': Calgary committee approves $2M arts funding

7/5/2017. AM770- Calgary city council considering study into policy, taxation impact on golf courses

7/5/2017. CBC News- City committee backs study of private golf course industry in Calgary

6/26/2017. Newstalk 770- Calgary council drives forward with study into driverless car testing site

6/22/2017. Metro Calgary- Audit committee hears Calgary Police Service's budgetary constraints

6/19/2017. AM770- Economic Development investment fund would let Calgary pick winners and losers: taxpayer group

6/15/2017. Newstalk 770- Calgary council asked to create economic development fund

6/12/2017. CTV Calgary- Self-driving cars on a Calgary road near you?

6/12/2017. CBC Eyeopener- Autonomous vehicles on Calgary streets

6/11/2017. Metro Calgary- Councillors want to open Calgary streets to autonomous car testing

6/9/2017. Global Calgary- Calgary councillors make the case for self-driving cars

6/8/2017. Calgary Herald- 'A taste of the future:' Councillors want to make Calgary a test centre for autonomous cars

6/7/2017. Calgary Sun- Battle of dandelions continues unabated at Calgary city hall

6/6/2017. CBC Calgary- Mayor-free meetings? Calgary City Council looks at ways to save time

5/30/2017. Metro Calgary- Calgary narrows down its plan for Richmond-Sarcee overpass

5/29/2017. Calgary Sun- This 1911 'generic' house is now a historic resource

5/29/2017. 660 News- Heated debate at Calgary City Hall over pay recommendations

5/19/2017. CBC News- Closed sections of Calgary municipal building reopen as repairs to faulty truss nearly finished

5/18/2017. CBC News- West Springs residents protest southwest ring road gravel pit

5/16/2017. Global Calgary- Calgary council wants to see budget with 0 to 2% tax hike in November

5/5/2017. CTV Calgary- Councillor Chabot calls for restrictions on social media use during public hearings

5/3/2017. Calgary Herald- Police force working 'aggressively' on Calgary's first safe injection site

5/3/2017. Metro Calgary- Calgary Police are aggressively pursuing supervised consumption sites

5/3/2017. Calgary Sun- Police chief warns budget constraints could limit service

5/3/2017. CBC News- 'I think Calgarians do get frustrated': Chief says police struggle to keep up with demand

4/24/2017. Calgary Herald- Report to council says economy to blame for Calgary tourism down $100 million last year

4/19/2017. Calgary Herald- City committee clashes over, then approves digital parking permit scheme

4/15/2017. Calgary Herald- Residents have noise, safety concerns about southwest ring road construction

4/13/2017. Calgary Sun- City councillors show little enthusiasm for opioid safe ingestion site

4/13/2017. 660News- Calgary Councillor Richard Pootmans not running for re-election

4/13/2017. Calgary Herald- Ward 6 councillor Richard Pootmans won't seek third term in October election

4/13/2017. AM770 News- Calgary city councillor Richard Pootmans won’t seek re-election

4/13/2017. Metro Calgary- Ward 6 Coun. Richard Pootmans not seeking re-election

4/13/2017. CBC News- Calgary councillor Richard Pootmans won't run in October election

4/5/2017. AM630 CHED- Calgary committee calls for collaborative approach on public safety, problem properties

4/5/2017. Calgary Sun- Councillors laud indigenous framework and policy; 'This is a gift'

4/4/2017. Metro Calgary- Calgary municipal election stickers, transit tickets and more will cost $300K extra

4/4/2017. 660 News- Gravel pits connected to SW ring road project raising concerns for nearby residents

4/3/2017. Global News- New gravel pit has southwest Calgary residents worried about noise and dust

3/16/2017. News Talk 770- Update on Cashless Payments for Transit and Pootmans on Police Commission

3/14/2017. 660 News- Councillor Richard Pootmans named to police commission

3/14/2017. CBC News- Richard Pootmans replaces Diane Colley-Urquhart on Calgary Police Commission

3/14/2017. Metro Calgary- Coun. Richard Pootmans appointed to Calgary Police Commission

3/14/2017. Calgary Herald- Coun. Richard Pootmans appointed to Calgary Police Commission replacing Colley-Urquhart

3/6/2017. Calgary Herald- City study shows Calgary commute among the easiest in large Canadian cities

3/1/2017. CBC News- Andre Chabot to run for mayor of Calgary

2/22/2017. Metro Calgary- Calgary taxis still holding majority user share for Christmas rush: Survey

2/14/2017. Metro Calgary- Angle parking solution on the way for Calgary cul-de-sacs

2/14/2017. Calgary Herald- How to park in a cul-de-sac? Calgary council may have found its answer

2/9/2017. Calgary Herald- Don Braid: The Calgary Population Boom That Isn't

2/8/2017. CBC Homestretch- Ward 6 councillor Richard Pootmans discusses growth and growing pains in Calgary

1/27/2017. CBC Eyeopener- Gravel pit next to West Springs homes to operate 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for 5 years

1/23/2017. Calgary Herald- Icy Calgary pathways 'a grey area' transportation GM tells council

1/19/2017. Calgary Sun- Councillor wants city hall to tell Calgarians about its $183 million in savings, but do they exist?

1/16/2017. Metro Calgary- Calgary councillor asks for factsheet on $181 M city savings in light of tax questions

1/9/2017. Calgary Herald- Hotels Association argues for regulation of Airbnb and other vacation rentals in Alberta

12/20/2016. News Talk 770- Pootmans discusses cycle track vote at 12:10 p.m.

12/19/2016. Calgary Sun- City council votes to make Calgary's controversial cycle track a permanent reality

12/12/2016. Calgary Herald- City councillors eye tweaks to whistleblower rules

12/4/2016. Metro Calgary- Calgary BRZs need new funding source as business tax phased out

12/4/2016. Calgary Herald- Council set to debate the future of cycle track network

12/2/2016. Calgary Herald- Councillors want to ensure business improvement areas have reliable funding

12/2/2016. Calgary Herald- Administration wants council to make downtown cycle track permanent

12/2/2016. Calgary Sun- Pootmans wants to ensure BIA survival

11/22/2016. NewsTalk 770 with Bruce Kenyon- Zero Budget for 2017 at 7:47 a.m.

11/15/2016. Metro Calgary- Truss taking another toll: Councillors latest to move as Calgary Municipal Building gets fixed

11/10/2016. Metro Calgary- Street car revival: Calgary administration talks bringing back trolley

11/3/2016. Metro Calgary- Calgary looks to cut more red tape on secondary suites

10/28/2016. Metro Calgary- Calgary Airbnb host not worried about possible regulations

10/25/2016. Calgary Herald- Councillors attend annual organizational meeting

10/21/2016. The Globe and Mail- How Airbnb became the perfect fit for my lifestyle

10/21/2016. Calgary Herald- City council to debate moving meetings to Tuesday over 'quality of life' concerns

10/20/2016. Metro Calgary- City to discuss how integrity commissioner will fit with whistleblower policy

10/4/2016. Morning Show with Bruce Kenyon- Public Art Plan in Calgary Parks at 8:47 a.m.

10/4/2016. News Talk 770- Pootmans worried about completion of SW ring road without plan for west leg

10/3/2016. Metro Calgary- Calgary West Ring Road timeline causing angst for city councillor

10/2/2016. Calgary Herald-  City of Calgary looking to create public art plan for parks

9/27/2016. Inside the Games- Early problems for Calgary 2026 Olympic bid after local politicians claim they are being sidelined

9/26/2016. CBC Calgary- City should have control of Olympic bid exploration, Calgary councillors say

9/20/2016. The Gauntlet- Calgary City Council rejects U of C research on fluoridated water

9/19/2016. News Talk 770 with Danielle Smith- Secondary Suites and Airbnb at 12:10 p.m.

9/16/2016. Global Calgary- ‘He almost took 3 lives’: Calgary mother’s reaction to dashcam video showing close call involving kids

9/15/2016. Metro Calgary- Airbnb next hot button city hall issue: Pootmans

9/15/2016. Global Calgary- Calgary councillors delay green cart composting fees until 2018

9/14/2016. Global Calgary- algary Mayor Nenshi to write letter to AHS about dental fees

9/14/2016. Metro Calgary- Alberta Health re-affirms ‘no funding’ stance on fluoride

9/14/2016. Calgary Herald- Motion to review fluoride research fails in council

9/13/2016. CTV Calgary- Council considers motion to review fluoridation of Calgary’s drinking water

9/13/2016. 660 News- Calgary council revives fluoride debate

9/12/2016. Global Calgary- Calgary fluoride debate: councillors push for ‘objective assessment’ from health institute

9/9/2016. Calgary Herald- Fluoride, secondary suites and sandstone quarries: What to watch for at city council Monday

9/9/2016. News Talk 770 with Bruce Kenyon- Fluoride talks in council at 8:45 a.m.

9/8/2016. CBC Homestretch- The fluoride debate returns to Calgary City Council

9/8/2016. CBC Calgary- Calgary fluoride decision from 2011 should now be reconsidered, councillors say

9/8/2016. CTV Calgary- Some councilors want to re-open debate on putting fluoride in the water supply

9/8/2016. Global Calgary- Fluoride debate headed back to Calgary city council

9/8/2016. Global Calgary- Calgary fluoride debate: councillors push for ‘objective assessment’ from health institute

9/8/2016. News Talk 770- Councillors not done talking fluoride

9/7/2016. Calgary Herald- Calgary councillors push to re-examine fluoride issue

9/7/2016. Calgary Sun- Calgary councillors want fluoride back on the agenda

9/7/2016. Metro Calgary- Calgary councillors to push for city water fluoridation

9/7/2016. Global Calgary- Deeper transit discounts for low income Calgarians considered

9/4/2016. CBC Calgary- Calgary celebrates its largest pride parade ever

9/1/2016. Calgary Herald- Calgary gets $68.5M in federal funding for transit projects

9/1/2016. CBC Calgary- Bus rapid transit in Calgary gets $85M boost in federal-provincial infrastructure deal

9/1/2016. 660 News- Three Calgary Transit projects to receive cash from multi-government funding agreement

9/1/2016. Calgary Sun- Alberta infrastructure deal: NDP, Ottawa agree to cost share $1B for public transit, water projects

8/26/2016. Calgary Herald- Calgary Pride Week kicks off amid progress, controversy

8/23/2016. CBC Calgary- Calgary bid for 2026 games could benefit from reuse of 1988 venues, councillor says

8/22/2016. CBC Homestretch- Panel: Exploring the idea of bringing the Olympic Games back to Calgary

8/15/2016. Calgary Herald- Carpooling and cycling increase while majority opt to drive, Calgary census maps show

7/26/2016. News Talk 770- Secondary Suite discussion at 6:17 a.m.

7/22/2016. Metro Calgary- Calgary is hedging its bets on fuel purchases

7/4/2016. Metro Calgary- City of Calgary 'beefing' up celebrations for Canada Day 2017

7/1/2016. Calgary Sun- Calgary's possible bid for 2026 Olympic Winter Games gains some support

6/28/2016. CBC Eyeopener- Vote against CalgaryNext Proposal at 6:30 a.m.

6/27/2016. CBC News Hour- What's next for CalgaryNext? at 10:45

6/27/2016. Calgary Herald- Ken King says city estimates for CalgaryNEXT off by half-a-billion dollars

6/27/2016. Calgary Herald- Flames set to present to city council on CalgaryNEXT costs

6/21/2016.The Globe and Mail- Calgary explores hosting Winter Olympics a second time

6/21/2016. Calgary Herald- Braid: Road to another Olympics in Calgary would be long and hard

6/21/2016. News Talk 770- Councillors disagree on skateboard ramp noise

6/21/2016. Calgary Herald- 30-year-old ban on backyard skateboard ramps lifted in Calgary

6/21/2016. Calgary Herald- City votes in favour of exploring 2026 Olympic bid

6/21/2016. News Talk 770 with Kingkade & Breakenridge. Olympic Bid at 11:47

6/21/2016. News Talk 770 with Bruce Kenyon- Olympic Bid at 8:47 a.m.

6/21/2016. 660 News- Calgary explores hosting Winter Olympics a second time, eyes 2026 Games

6/20/2016. 660 News- Olympics back to Calgary? Council to discuss possible 2026 bid

6/20/2016. Global Calgary- Calgary City Council vote signals serious interest in looking at 2026 Winter Olympics bid

6/20/2016. CBC Calgary- City council moves forward with study of 2026 Winter Olympic bid

6/20/2016. CBC Calgary @CBCBryan- Olympic Bid

6/15/2016. News Talk 770- Council trying to address parking concerns at LRT stations

6/14/2016. CBC Eyeopener- Regional park-and-ride proposed for the Calgary area

6/9/2016. Metro News- Calgary councillors see benefit in regional park-and-ride systems

6/9/206. Metro News- Calgary councillors weigh in on zero per cent tax increase

5/30/2016. Breakfast Television @BTCalgary- Nenshi Photobomb

5/30/2016. City Breakfast Television at 2:08- Green Cart Composting

5/29/2016. Metro News- Calgary plans regulations on payday loan shops

5/23/2016. Calgary Sun- City partner agencies in Calgary struggling in floundering economy, says report

5/23/2016. Calgary Herald- As local attractions feel pinch of sluggish economy, Heritage Park freezes wages, hiring

5/17/2016. Metro News- Calgary man launches petition in fluoride debate

5/17/2016. Metro News- Calgary Transit ridership targets shifted in economic slump

5/3/2016. CBC News- Calgary councillors explore alternatives to fluoride in water

5/3/2016. Calgary Herald- Councillors at odds over scope of integrity commissioner's review into Nenshi's Uber comments

5/3/2016. Calgary Sun- Confusion reigns over what part of Nenshi’s Boston comments are being investigated

5/3/2016. Calgary Sun- Councillors don't agree over terms of Uber comments review

5/2/2016. Metro Calgary- Calgarians' worsening perception of downtown public safety not backed up by crime stats: City

4/27/2016. Metro Calgary- Fluoridation debate sparks councillor talks about dental health

4/25/2016. Calgary Herald- 'If he was exaggerating, he needs to say so': questions continue to swirl around Nenshi's Uber comments

4/25/2016. Metro Calgary- City of Calgary launches weekend community spring cleaning events

4/24/2016. News Talk 770- City helps communities with spring cleaning

4/24/2016. Global News- ‘This man goes on a rant!’: Rideshare driver describes Calgary mayor’s camera slip

4/24/2016. Calgary Sun- Controversial claims by Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi about Uber tactics likely not 'fatal,' prof says

4/23/2016. Calgary Herald- Councillors demand answers after Nenshi's 'bizzare and very disturbing' Uber rant surfaces

4/19/2016. News Talk 770 at 9:17 a.m.- Green Line LRT goes below ground

4/11/2016. Metro News- Calgary International airport soaring through downturn, opening new terminal in October

4/11/2016. Calgary Herald- City council appoints judge, lawyer to new Integrity and Ethics Office

4/11/2016. Calgary Sun- Calgary council appoints ethics advisor and integrity commissioner

4/2/2016. Calgary Herald- Brenda Strafford Society celebrates 20-year anniversary

3/27/2016. Calgary Sun- Spring break's over: Four things to watch as Calgary's city council gets back to work

3/26/2016. Metro News- Edmontonians and Calgarians pleased with quality of life, but worries growing

3/21/2016. Calgary Herald- Council poised to name integrity commissioner and ethics adviser

3/17/2016. News Talk 770 at 8:47- Polls say Calgarians in favour of fluoride

3/15/2016. News Talk 770- Calgarians in line for tax rebate?

3/15/2016. Calgary Sun- Fluoride poll leaves council in an awkward position 

3/14/2016. News Talk 770- Nenshi says he’ll repay the city for his legal costs

3/14/2016. Metro News- Nenshi intends to pay legal fees in developer dispute

3/13/2016. Metro News- Exclusive Poll: Majority of Calgarians want fluoride re-introduced 

3/2/2016. Metro News- City of Calgary plans details of council office move

3/1/2016. Metro News- Province won’t fund city fluoridation: Alberta Health

3/1/2016. News Talk 770 at 7:47- Public Engagement discussion at Strategic Council Meeting

2/28/2016. Metro News- Calgary council to discuss public engagement on Monday

2/23/2016. Global News- Councillors debate reintroducing fluoride to Calgary tap water

2/22/2016. Country 105- More cavities in Calgary leads to fluoride debate at council again

2/22/2016. 660 News-  Council open to reinvestigating fluoridation of drinking water

2/22/2016. Metro News- Nenshi on fluoride: Plebiscite could be an option in 2017

2/22/2016. Calgary Sun- Calgary city council brings in new rules and ticked-off Uber says they're not coming back

2/17/2016. CBC News- Fluoride-free drinking water in Calgary leads to rise in kids' tooth decay

2/17/2016. Calgary Herald- Fluoride study triggers calls for council rethink

2/17/2016. Calgary Sun- Fluoride Fear Mongering Drove Council Not Facts

2/17/2016. Calgary Sun- Calgary's top doctor says fluoride decision should be reviewed

2/17/2016. Metro News- Fluoride debate resurfaces: council and AHS react to study

2/17/2016. Metro News- Calgary city auditor flags management concerns on construction project

2/16/2016. Calgary Sun- City of Calgary's whistleblower program sees surge of complaints of wrongdoing in 2015

2/16/2016. News Talk 770- Calgary’s whistle blower program sees 50% increase in complaints

2/16/2016. Calgary Herald- Whistleblower complaints spiked nearly 50 per cent last year, says city report

2/15/2016. Metro News- City’s whistleblower program saw 49 per cent jump in use in 2015: auditor

2/6/2016. CBC News- Calgary bobsled track accident kills twin brothers, injures 6 other teens

2/2/2016. Calgary Herald. City hall proposes splitting $14.4M in savings to spur affordable housing, economic activity

1/25/2016. Calgary Herald. Minister says he'll look into communities' concerns over southwest ring road construction

1/24/2016. Calgary Herald. Pootmans: All our resources are our economic future

1/22/2016. Calgary Herald. Calgarians expect 'more from us' than petty infighting, city manager warns councillors

1/22/2016. Calgary Herald. Councillors question proposed $60M business tax break: 'It's like throwing snowballs at a freight train'

12/28/2015. Calgary Shaw TV- Hello-Bonjour Alberta English / French

12/14/2015. Calgary Sun- Calgary city council earmarks $15 million of tax surplus to soften impact of tough economy

12/14/2015. Calgary Sun- Calgary city council takes your $52 million tax break until 2045

12/9/2015. Metro News- Not all councillors on board for Green Line funding

12/3/2015. CTV Calgary- Proposed flight path changes create turbulence far from Calgary International Airport

12/2/2015. Calgary Herald- Calgary flight path changes spark noise concerns

12/1/2015. Calgary Herald- Selection committee poised to name council's first integrity commissioner, says Nenshi

12/1/2015. Calgary Herald- $100,000 library donation offer created ethical dilemma around Uber file, says watchdog

11/30/2015. 660 News- NAV CANADA pushing for new landing plans at YYC

11/30/2015. CBC- Nav Canada's new Calgary airport navigation system could shorten flight paths

11/25/2015. Calgary Herald- Boosting capital spending a 'short term' solution to stimulate economy, say experts

11/19/2015. Metro News- Calgary ring road options to be discussed in capital budget

11/19/2015. CBC News- Calgary's ring road delay may drive surprise costs

11/18/2015. Calgary Herald- Committee examines options to alleviate traffic congestion if west leg of ring road delayed

11/18/2015. Global News- Calgary traffic study aims to fast track southwest ring road

11/18/2015. News Talk 770- Southwest & West Calgary Ring Road Downstream Traffic Impacts at 7:48 a.m.

11/11/2015. Global News- Calgary wants Battalion Park declared national historic site

11/11/2015. Huffington Post- Calgary Applies For Battalion Park To Be Designated As A National Historic Site

11/11/2015. 660 News- Battalion Park to become national historic site

11/11/2015. CTV News- Battalion Park number explained

11/11/2015. News Talk 770- Battalion Park Historical Significance at 7:47 a.m.

11/7/2015. Metro News- Calgary councillor wants Signal Hill geoglyphs recognized nationally

11/5/2015. Canada Remembers Times- Memorials from Coast to Coast to Coast.pdfMemorials from Coast to Coast to Coast.pdf

10/30/2015. CTV News- Hundreds of Calgarians attend open house to review ring road

10/30/2015. 660 News- Ring Road progression sees optimism, but City still in dilemma over west portion

10/29/2015. CTV Calgary- Open house for ring road

10/29/2015. News Talk 770- City hall is crumbling and needs repair at 12:48 p.m.

10/28/2015. Calgary Herald- Councillors, staff seek new digs during four-year, $34M restoration of historic City Hall

10/27/2015. Metro News- Budget offers $2.96B for ring roads in Calgary, Edmonton

9/28/2015. Calgary Herald- Proposed 3.5% property tax hike sails through city council

9/10/2015. News Talk 770- Calgary Weed Suppression Strategy at 8:47 a.m.

9/9/2015. Metro News- Calgary weed suppression boost under the microscope

8/29/2015. News Talk 770- Attainable housing bridges gap between renting and owning says Councillor

7/28/2015. News Talk 770- New Federal Transit Funding at 7:47 a.m.

7/27/2015. CTV Calgary- Paskapoo Slopes rezoning passes council

7/27/2015. Calgary Sun- Calgary councillor plans amendments for Paskapoo Slopes rezoning

7/26/2015. Global News- Salute to the Stones of Signal Hill

7/24/2015. Calgary Herald- Editorial: A fine balance on Paskapoo

7/22/2015. Calgary Herald- Controversial Paskapoo Slopes development wins initial council approval

7/22/2015. Metro News- Calgary Paskapoo Slopes development gets approval ‘in principle,’ changes forthcoming

7/21/2015. 660 News- Paskapoo Slopes debate heats up at City Hall

7/20/2015. CTV Calgary- Debating future of Paskapoo Slopes

7/20/2015. CTV Calgary- Paskapoo Slopes public hearing on agenda at City Hall

7/19/2015. 660 News- Councillors prepared for a long meeting Monday

7/16/2015. Calgary Sun- Calgary audit committee report finds gaps in ethics and behaviour expectations with city employees

7/16/2015. CBC News- City of Calgary ethics policies have gaps, says new report

7/16/2015. CBC News- Ethics policies at City Hall

7/13/2015. Calgary Herald- Plans in the works to commemorate Signal Hill's 100th anniversary

7/9/2015. CBC News Calgary- Battalion Park numbers could get historic designation

7/9/2015. CBC: The Homestretch- Battalion Park as a Municipal Historic Resource

6/24/2015. Global News- Rocky View Council denies Gardner Ranch estate community

6/23/2015. Global News- Rocky View Council debates huge new estate community

6/15/2015. 660 News- Dandelions a growing topic at city hall

6/12/2015. News Talk 770- The Great Vape Debate at 1:08 pm

6/11/2015. Global News- Should Calgary increase pesticide use to control dandelions, weeds?

6/11/2015. Calgary Herald- For $390,000+, councillors like idea of non-binding plebiscite on suites

6/11/2015. News Talk 770- Councillor Pootmans talks Crowchild Trail Corridor Study & Green Transit Line at 7:47 am

6/10/2015. Metro News- Speeding and traffic safety top Calgary councillors concerns in annual police report

5/16/2015. Calgary Sun- Calgary councillors keep close eye on plans for $5 billion ring road after federal approval

5/14/2015. Metro News- West-end Calgary councillor wants more varied flight paths to spread out aircraft noise

4/22/2015. News Talk 770- Councillor Pootmans talks Integrity Commissioner at 8:47 am

3/30/2015. Calgary Herald- Ring road delay forces rethink of new developments, aging roads

3/27/2015. Calgary Herald- Budget: Ring road won’t be complete for another decade

3/11/2015. CBC: The Homestretch- Secondary suites plan

3/10/2015. CBC: Calgary Eyeopener- Stickers for secondary suites

3/8/2015. Metro News- Calgary hopes to improve secondary suites with registry and ‘safe suite stickers’

01/17/2015. Global News- Richard Pootmans- Councillor Pootmans discusses the ring road

01/15/2015. Calgary Herald- Southwest ring road construction up in the air thanks to falling oil prices


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