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2016 Citizen Satisfaction Survey - Ward 6 Analysis

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March 6, 2017
Citizen Satisfaction
With the help of Ipsos Public Affairs, The City conducted a 2016 Citizen Satisfaction Survey based on interviews with 2,500 Calgarians across all quadrants, wards, ages, and genders. The findings were summarized in a large report, and compared with 2015 findings, as well as individual reports broken down by ward. Here are some key findings from Ward 6:
You feel safer in Ward 6:
  • Ward 6 residents are more likely than City Wide to say they feel ‘very safe’ walking alone in their neighbourhood after dark (53% vs. 42% City Wide).
  • The third biggest City Wide issue of “crime, safety and policing” is much lower on the Ward 6 issue agenda (7% vs. 15% City Wide).
  • Most (86%) Ward 6 residents say the overall quality of life is ‘good’ in the city of Calgary today (vs. 83% City Wide), and that we are on the right track to being a better city (89% vs. 86% City Wide).
Perceived Safety
Ward 6 is enjoying more services offered by the City:
  • 45% ‘very satisfied’ with the city’s support for arts and culture including festivals (vs. 32% in 2015)
  • 42% ‘very satisfied’ with Calgary Transit including bus and CTrain service (vs. 31% City Wide)
  • Satisfaction (‘very’ or ‘somewhat’) scores have improved this year, especially for ‘City operated roads and infrastructure’ (89% vs. 77% in 2015) and for ‘traffic flow management’ (73% vs. 61% in 2015). Smaller satisfaction increases are noted for ‘City operated recreation facilities such as pools, leisure centres, and golf courses’ (98% vs. 93% in 2015) and ‘Calgary Fire Department’ (100% vs. 97% in 2015).
Quality of life is good for Ward 6 residents but worsened impressions are on the rise:
  • Most (86%) Ward 6 residents say the overall quality of life is ‘good’ in the city of Calgary today.
  • However, more than one-third (36%) of residents say they feel that quality of life has ‘worsened’ in the past three years. This is an 11 percentage point jump in ‘worsened’ impressions from 2015 (was 25%) and a 21 percentage point jump from 2014 (was 15%). And compared to last year, fewer Ward 6 residents ‘agree’ that ‘Calgary is a great place to make a living’ (66% vs. 80% in 2015).
  • Suggestions for actions The City of Calgary could take to improve the quality of life have shifted from 2015. There are now more mentions of “reduce taxes” (14% vs. 5% in 2015) and “improve job creation/employment” (10% vs. 1% in 2015). In contrast, there are fewer mentions of “transportation” (26% vs. 39% in 2015) and “building of community centres/recreation facilities” (2% vs. 7% in 2015).
Ward 6 residents are less supportive than City Wide residents of increasing:
  • Community services such as support for community associations & not for profit groups (17% vs. 29% City Wide)
  • Snow removal (38% vs. 49% City Wide)
  • The quality of drinking water (20% vs. 31% City Wide)
  • 9-1-1 (25% vs. 35% City Wide)
Compared to 2015, Ward 6 residents are more likely to want increased investment in:
  • Disaster planning and response (32% vs. 22% in 2015)
  • The City of Calgary website (17% vs. 9% in 2015)
Importants vs Satisfaction

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This content represents the personal views and opinions of the Ward Councillor and should not be taken as a statement of policy of The City of Calgary. The inclusion of any external content does not imply endorsement by The City of Calgary.

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