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Community Safety - Crime Watch in Ward 6

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​Community Safety: Community Crime Watch in Ward 6

A spike in residential break and enter crimes as well as car prowling in Ward 6 last summer has fallen due to increased police presence and arresting these criminals that were targeting Ward 6 communities. Many of the break-ins can be attributed to a few individuals and Calgary Police Service (CPS) is continually catching these criminals. Some residents have expressed a concern that the WLRT has contributed to an increase in crime in Ward 6, but CPS notes that perpetrators will avoid surveillance areas and use vehicles, often stolen, to be mobile.  In Ward 6, 75% of residential and vehicle break and enters are opportunistic crimes where homes and vehicles were unlocked (compared to 40% city-wide). The message here is keep your homes secure by locking doors, windows, and garage doors as well as vehicles. It is also suggested to not leave your garage door openers in your vehicle or your cars running without being locked. CPS will be distributing flyers to residents in Ward 6 with some community safety information in the coming months.

Building Safe Communities

Are you interested in being a part of a Community Watch Program in your neighbourhood? The Ward 6 communities of Christie and Strathcona have started a Community Watch Group, and several others are in the process of establishing a Community Watch including Glendale and West Springs/Cougar Ridge. If you live in one of these communities, we encourage you to touch base with your Community Association to get involved. The Federation of Calgary Communities offers communities an opportunity to start a Community Watch Program with workshops, resources, as well as community-wide engagement. Working with the Federation of Calgary Communities, your Community Association, and your CPS Community Liaison Officer, this resident-led initiative can increase safety in your community.


Fentanyl is a growing concern of CPS, Alberta Health Services, as well as the Alberta Justice system. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid 100 times more toxic than morphine. It is a pharmaceutical and is legal with a prescription. It is typically used for the induction of anesthesia and for severe pain management. Fentanyl exists in pill, powder, liquid, patch and lozenge form. This highly addictive substance is becoming more prevalent in Canada, and is believed to be coming here from China. In previous years, the U.S. experienced problems with Mexican produced fentanyl. So there is the potential that Canadians can be receiving Mexican sourced fentanyl as well.  Fentanyl is extremely addictive. Users will go to significant lengths to obtain the drug, and as such, property crimes in the city have increased substantially. There is a correlation being seen among property crimes such as break and enters and fentanyl addiction. If you have any information regarding the possession, sale or production of fentanyl, please contact the CPS or Crime Stoppers.


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