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Ward 6 News: East Paskapoo Slopes Development Ward 6 Office Inquiries

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Ward 6 official websitePublic Hearing on July 20, 2015

Many residents have been surprised to learn that the land is privately owned and the owners have allowed its use as parkland. The owner has the right to bring forward an application for development. They are proposing to develop a portion of the site for a variety of uses, while giving the rest of the land to The City so it can be protected as a park space.
This proposed development will come before a Combined Meeting of Council, a portion of which is dedicated to a Public Hearing on July 20. Residents are encouraged to attend the Public Hearing during which you can speak for five minutes directly to Council (or submissions provided in writing); this excludes Council members’ questions.  Your presentation should be kept brief and only land use planning issues directly related to this application should be addressed.
Details on Public Hearings are advertised on Thursdays in the Calgary Herald, or can be accessed via the City’s website.
With regard to land use designation changes, it is important to note:  All City of Calgary Councillors are legally bound to remain impartial prior to a Public Hearing; Councillors listen to the public debate and presentation by all parties prior to rendering a decision. Should this requirement not occur, a Councillor can be excluded from voting on the application before Council.
In order to maintain the integrity of this process, it is of the utmost importance that these proceedings are conducted in an unbiased manner and are equally fair to all parties involved. Otherwise, it will negate all the time, effort and many months of preparation that is involved in these hearings.

Public Engagement Process

There have been over 50 stakeholder meetings, 10 public open houses in 2014-2015 and ongoing online input opportunities. Please see all open house materials and online input opportunities as well as public engagement activities to date.



There will be impacts on the trail network, but the vast majority of change will occur on the lower slopes, leaving the trails on the upper slopes largely intact. This map shows some of these changes. *Please note the plan has changed a bit since this one was produced – the peninsula of land extending south, on east side of the plan area is no longer being considered for development.  

The orange trails will be lost to development, but the yellow trails will not be impacted. The yellow trails will eventually become part of the City Parks network. Since some of the east-west links in the network will be lost, a condition is that the developer must construct new trail links prior to construction of their development. Also under consideration is trailheads on the east and west sides of the development where trail users can park – a concern raised by the public.




traffic circle

The proposed access from Sarcee Trail to the proposed development on the East Paskapoo Slopes does contain a traffic circle, but only the traffic flowing to and from the development will need to go through it. Other traffic, going from Sarcee Trail to the Trans-Canada Highway (or vice-versa) will remain free-flow.

The blue lines represent the regional traffic flow while the orange lines represent the local traffic flow to the Trinity Hills site. The various ramps and merge lanes are at different elevations, thus allowing a free flow of traffic.  The proposed traffic circle will provide access to the communities of Trinity Hills, Bowness, and Wilson Gardens and include the following:

- New four lane access road to the Trinity Hills development;
- Northbound and southbound by-pass ramps to the east and west sides of the new roundabout, grade separated from the local accesses using two new bridge structures allowing for the free-flow of all regional traffic (overpass for southbound Sarcee and underpass for northbound Sarcee);
- A new northbound to westbound left turn movement to allow traffic exiting Trinity Hills to access westbound Trans-Canada Highway (TCH);
- Improving the geometry of existing exit ramps;
- Increasing the number of lanes on the Sarcee Trail bridge deck over the TCH from four lanes to five.


Bowfort TCH

 The timing of the project is largely dependent on the completion and approval of detailed design and constructions drawings.  The intent is for the Sarcee Trail interchange improvements to coincide with the TCH/Bowfort Road interchange with completion date for both projects to align in order to minimize construction disruption to the public. We are hoping for the improvements to be fully operational late 2016. 

This content represents the personal views and opinions of the Ward Councillor and should not be taken as a statement of policy of The City of Calgary. The inclusion of any external content does not imply endorsement by The City of Calgary.

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