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Green Carts are coming to Ward 6!

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Green Cart
Big news for Ward 6 this summer—Green Carts are coming!
Calgarians have embraced the successful Blue Cart recycling program, and we’re excited to launch the Green Cart program for food and yard waste city-wide! Ward 6 was fortunate to have Cougar Ridge selected as one of 4 test communities several years ago.  Satisfaction levels for this service were 85%, and I am excited for the benefits to our City.
This program allows us to divert 65% of Calgary’s waste to create nutrient-rich compost for the soil in gardens, parks, and local farms. The program also keeps material out of our limited existing landfills to avoid significant future costs for a new landfill - currently estimated at $100 million. 
When will I receive my cart?
 Ward 6 is in the SW quadrant and will be the first phase in the roll-out, with the following delivery dates:
June 5 – 11: Glenbrook, Glendale, Signal Hill
June 5 – 18: Glamorgan
June 19 - July 2: Aspen Woods, Christie Park, Strathcona Park, Coach Hill, Patterson,  Discovery Ridge, Springbank Hill, West Springs, and Cougar Ridge (Non-Green Cart pilot homes)
July 12: Cougar Ridge (Green Cart pilot) Cart exchange
Green Cart Contents
What will I receive?
  • A green cart, the same size as the blue and black carts.
  • A kitchen pail for collecting food waste in the home.
  • Samples of compostable bags to line the kitchen pail.*
  • Samples of paper yard waste bags to use for extra yard waste that doesn’t fit inside the cart.
  • A three-month collection schedule explaining your new collection days. 
  • Instruction guide that explains the new service.

*Always look for the certified Compostable labels when purchasing new bags:

COmpostable Labels
How does this affect pick-up dates and fees?
Pickup Dates
Strting the week of July 17, your green and blue carts will be picked up every week on the same day.  Thus, we ask that you start filling your green carts starting July 10 and no sooner, to prevent bin overflow or excessive decomposition. Since the majority of your garbage can be recycled or composted, black carts will change and be picked up once every two weeks on a different day.
The savings achieved by changing Black Cart collection to once every two weeks will be re-invested into the program in order to reduce the Green Cart monthly rate to $6.50/month.
Need a little help? Go to to confirm your dates, and also get free reminders via email, text, calls, calendars, or download the Calgary Garbage Day app on your phone!
What can I put in?
Everything including banana peels, animal bones, cooking oil, paper tissues, grass clippings, branches, and kitty litter can be composted at our advanced composting facility. A portion of the finished compost will also be made available to the community for free! Here’s a full list of what you can put in your Green Cart:





A reminder: Starting on November 1, Bylaws requires multi-family units (apartments, condos) and businesses to separate food and yard waste for composting or diversion as well. Building owners/managers can choose a service provider as well as how to manage the service for their residents and tenants. For more information, visit or call 3-1-1.




This content represents the personal views and opinions of the Ward Councillor and should not be taken as a statement of policy of The City of Calgary. The inclusion of any external content does not imply endorsement by The City of Calgary.

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