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Natural Areas

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​Calgarians can help keep natural areas natural

There are many different types of parks in Calgary.  Personally I like them all, with a preference for the natural areas! They are broadly divided into two categories; manicured parks and natural area parks. Manicured parks have cropped grass, landscaped trees, non-native plants and open spaces. Natural area parks are designed to increase the diversity of native plants and animals by protecting natural habitats and allowing natural processes to occur.  Some specialized techniques for improving natural area parks include; erosion control, weed control, and planting native vegetation.
The natural area parks in the city provide important habitat, food, and movement corridors for many species of birds, animals and native vegetation. They act as protective buffers between urban areas and sensitive ecosystems such as rivers and wetlands. Natural area parks also provide us with a place to exercise, relax, unwind and enjoy nature.
Keeping natural areas healthy is everyone’s responsibility. Please refrain from engaging in these activities because of their negative impact to nature’s careful balance:  mowing, irrigation, planting, placing garden furniture, composters, and bird feeders, dumping of garden waste, and building of bike jumps. 
These activities are damaging to the natural area because they allow for the introduction of weedy species, and loss of native species diversity and habitat.  These activities are also prohibited under the Parks and Pathways Bylaw.
Calgarians can help keep Calgary’s natural areas healthy through encouraging and engaging in behaviours that support a healthy ecosystem. As neighbours to the natural area and as members of the larger community of Calgary, you can play a part in keeping Calgary natural and beautiful:
• Stay on the designated trails and pathways;
• Do not dig holes, plant vegetation, dump garden waste, mow, or place garden furniture/composters in the natural area;
• Do not feed or disturb the wildlife; and
• Groom pets to remove plant parts, which stop the spread of weeds.
If you would like to volunteer for restoration activities in a natural area park you can register online! Please refer to the following link for all volunteer opportunities within Parks. Any projects from Urban Conservation will either be suggested to groups who fill out the online form or sign up by calling 311.

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