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New Green Cart Program

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More than half of our household garbage is made up of food and yard waste. By diverting this waste from the landfill, we are saving valuable space in our limited landfill capacity, but also saving our environment. Food and yard waste releases methane as it slowly breaks down, which is a greenhouse gas that is 25 times stronger than carbon dioxide. It also generates liquid leachate, which needs to be collected and treated. The introduction of green carts will save tax payers money by reducing dependence on costly landfill maintenance, reduce green house gases to protect our environment, and turn food and yard waste into useful compost.

There is also a powerful economic case for the Green Cart Program.  At the current rate, we would need to explore purchasing more land for additional Waste Management Facilities in the not so distant future.  Composting allows us to remove these items from landfill and find better uses for these organic materials. Current estimates of the lifetime cost of a landfill range from $80-100 million.  Diverting significant volumes of waste will reduce and avoid land fill costs.  Furthermore, not only is a landfill a poor use of valuable land in a City, there is no meaningful tax revenue from these sites to contribute to the tax base.    

Results of a successful four-year pilot project in Abbeydale, Brentwood, Cougar Ridge, and Southwood indicated that green carts were effective in reducing garbage by 40 per cent in the pilot communities. On a city-wide basis, that would translate into over 85,000 tonnes of annual waste to be turned into useful compost for our gardens, parks and farms instead of taking up valuable space in the landfill. Our Ward 6 Community of Cougar Ridge had an 89% satisfaction rate with the green cart pilot project.


What you need to know

·  Fall 2017 (for single family)

·  $6.50/month (Rate based on cost recovery and accounts for money saved from garbage collection bi-weekly instead of weekly)

·  Unlimited amounts of all food, including meat, dairy and bones along with yard and pet waste is accepted in the program (extra yard waste unable to fit set out with green bin)

·  Compliments current backyard composting as accepts wider range and more quantity of materials than can be collected at home

·  Green and blue carts will be picked up on the same day every week

Green Bin Package coming spring 2017 with:

o   Green cart

o   Kitchen pail to collect food scraps inside the home

o   Sample of compostable bags to line the kitchen pail

o   Sample of paper yard waste bags for extra waste not able to fit in cart


Food and yard waste diversion requirements will be proposed to Council in fall 2016 for consideration and, if approved, the requirements would be introduced 12 months later; green cart service for single family homes is expected in fall 2017. Green cart service will come at a later date for multifamily as differences in roll-out timelines is due to the collection service approach.

Single family households, up to and including fourplexes, will be serviced by The City. This includes those who currently have blue and black bin service. This is a standard service that works for low density housing and can be efficiently serviced using green carts which was relatively straight forward to implement and why The City started with single family locations first. Just as with recycling for multifamily, the timeframe between approval and when the requirements become active allows building owners and managers to identify the service that works for them and allows private industry to ramp up to meet the service needs. This timeframe aligns with the roll-out timeframe of the single family green cart program which will also being introduced in 2017.

For more information, FAQs, and facility construction progress, please visit and search for Green Cart Program.


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