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Ward 6 News: New West Springs Development north of 11 Avenue SW

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Ward 6 official websiteThe Ward 6 Office has received some inquiries about development north of 11 Avenue SW between 69 Street and 77 Street SW. This area is a part of the West Springs Southeast Area Structure Plan Amendment. The solid blue areas shown on the map below have approved outline plans. The land immediately north of 11th Avenue SW, the blue checkered area in question, does not have an approved outline plan as the application is in progress.

West Springs South East Area Structure Plan Amendment:  Council’s mandate was to re-evaluate the existing area policy plan.  The amendment is considering changes in allowable density and land uses.  An open house for public input will be held in January 2016. 

Bri-Mor Developments has submitted an Outline Plan and Land Use Amendment (LOC2014-0137), which is currently being reviewed by the Development Authority. The application has not been approved yet, but goes to Calgary Planning Commission on October 22, 2015 and to Council on December 7, 2015. 

Bri-Mor Developments proposes a new subdivision of approximately 200 lots on the lands north of 11 Avenue SW.   Access to the plan area is currently from the east through Coach Ridge Road SW along 11 Avenue SW. New public roads will be created extending into the plan area from both 73 Street SW and West Grove Point SW, improving connectivity to the area. This will allow the eventual closure of the access from Coach Ridge Road SW. As 11 Avenue SW is currently the only access into the area, it cannot be closed until the 73 Street SW extension is built. As we are only at the Land Use Amendment stage, whether or not building the extension to 73 Street SW prior to construction at this site including grading or building permits is to be determined. The Plans show that 10 Avenue SW will remain closed at Coach Hill Road and traffic will continue to be diverted to 73 Street SW. The proposal for 10 Avenue is that it will become a green-way or a linear park. 

Since the above application has not been approved, the only construction that could take place is technical investigations of the site (e.g. soil testing) or demolition of any existing buildings.  No stripping or grading of the site, construction of any roadwork, buildings or infrastructure is currently authorized. If the Outline Plan and Land Use Amendment is approved by Council in December, Bri-mor Developments will need to apply for a Development Permit for grading the site.  Subsequently, another Development Permit is required for an approved and registered subdivision to authorize building permits for houses.  As we are in the initial stages of this development, there are still several stages the developer must go through before we could see construction in this area.


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