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Ward 6 News: November 2015 Newsletter

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Ward 6 official websiteSchool drop-off & pick-up programs: Battalion Park School Pilot

Many Ward 6 residents would like to see a drop-off and pick-up program at their local area school as these programs increase safety and reduce traffic. This can be challenging for schools that do not have an internal turn-around area, and require an area on a main City road. A parent of three, Maxine Bruggencate, had concerns around traffic safety when bringing and picking up her children from school. Maxine is now the Battalion Park School Traffic Coordinator, and the catalyst behind the Kiss and Drop Program. The pilot project last school year was a great success due to incredible support and assistance of Battalion Park School’s Administrative Team and network of volunteers.
Battalion Park School worked with the City of Calgary to research communities that created a similar program, networked with them to understand their successes and challenges, and applied for rezoning with the City for new zoning signage. There were many traffic concerns, community disruptions, pedestrian safety issues and overall traffic flow congestion before the Kiss and Drop was installed. After the pilot term, they gathered feedback from students and parents through open communication and surveys. There was overwhelmingly positive feedback around improved traffic flow, parking concerns, and student safety. There are still areas for growth, where each new safety concern is being addressed and continual improvements are being implemented. Thank you so much Maxine!
 “Battalion Park School’s Kiss and Drop Pilot Project was a huge success last spring! With three small children in our community school, traffic, safety and a warm welcoming approach were all appealing components for me to consider when thinking about a new traffic program. Having an amazing set of volunteers and an incredibly supportive administrative team are the reasons for the success and celebration of the Kiss and Drop today! We start each morning with happy smiles and dancing, and send our students and parents home with happy smiles and high fives. With a team effort, we have decreased traffic congestion, increased overall safety, and made stronger connections with our school neighbours. Morning drop-off and after school pick-up is much more efficient now. The morning program usually welcomes 50-70 happy customers and the afternoon program usually safely sends 40-50 students home each night. We are expecting an increase in these numbers next week once the kindergarten students start accessing the program. This is a continual work in progress and we are always looking for improvements, safer approaches to new traffic glitches, and fun ways to keep things safe and fun!”
-Maxine Bruggencate
Battalion Park School Traffic Coordinator, Kiss and Drop Program

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