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Parks Urban Forest Strategic Plan for Ward 6

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Calgary Parks Urban Forestry protects the City’s urban canopy and directs the growth of the urban forest. One of our guiding principles in our strategic plan is to diversify tree species and tree ages within the urban forest; succession planting with an intentional approach is a strategy we employ to achieve this.




A Target outlined in the Parks Urban Forest Strategic Plan is to increase our tree canopy to an ultimate goal of 20% city wide; with a current coverage of 40% Cougar Ridge is leading the developed communities in Ward 6.

We understand Calgarians love trees and want to do everything in our power to support greening Calgary neighbourhoods. There are a number of processes and policies that need to be addressed however, when planting trees on public (City) land:

Planting trees on City land is a development (as defined by municipal government); this means that if a ‘developer’ wants to develop the land (i.e., plant trees) they would need to follow all the processes and procedures of said development.

This would involve a list of permits and approvals from a variety of internal and external departments such as:

Line assignment approvals through Utility line assignment (ULA)
• excavation permits through Roads
• locates through consolidated (external) and Shaw
• locates through Parks Irrigation
• maintain setbacks to meet construction standards
• they would also need to use indemnified contractors
• ensure the plant material is clean plant certified
• maintain the trees through CCC and FAC
• GPS locate the trees through our asset management system (PARIS) with all the correct attributes for proper inventory.
• Have approval from UF for planting plans
Once these criterions are met they would then need to obtain a Construction Completion Certificate (CCC) and after 2 years be awarded a Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC) for the City to take back ownership of the assets.
Urban Forestry is subject to and follows all these guidelines when planning and planting trees in Calgary communities.
You may not be aware, but the majority of trees in Calgary are located on private lands. One of our biggest opportunities to grow the urban forest within the city is to encourage citizens to plant trees on their private property. Many public locations are limited by safety, utilities, roadway visibility and other factors; private homes often don’t face as many restrictions or concerns.
We encourage all homeowners to consider the possibility of planting a tree on their private land, as they have far greater control over location, species and number of trees.
To support Calgarians in helping ReTree YYC, Urban Forestry has proudly partnered with local businesses to provide citizens an opportunity to contribute to our Calgary forest: Until September 1, 2016, use this coupon to save 10% off your next tree purchase.
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This content represents the personal views and opinions of the Ward Councillor and should not be taken as a statement of policy of The City of Calgary. The inclusion of any external content does not imply endorsement by The City of Calgary.

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