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Update on 11th Avenue SW Road Closure

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Update on 11th Avenue SW Road Closure

Construction along 11th Avenue SW between 69th Street SW and 77th Street SW will begin within the next few weeks, depending on application approvals and the weather.

During the approval of the Development North of 11 Avenue SW, Calgary Council directed that 11th Avenue be permanently closed (both legally and physically) at about 70th Street SW and that 77th Street be opened as the permanent access along 11th Avenue SW. 70th Street will be permanently closed and a cul-de-sac constructed at the eastern end of 11th Avenue SW. An emergency access will be constructed that will permit all Emergency Vehicles access only.


Removal of Gate and Repair Asphalt Surface at 77th Street
The contractor will be starting construction with the removal of the gate and pillars at the west end of 11th Avenue near 77th Street. The area in this location will require that work be completed to permit permanent road access to residents along 11th Avenue SW. This work includes removing the gate, fence and pillars at 77th Street SW. A road will be constructed that joins 11th Avenue with 77th Street so that access will be permitted East bound from 77th Street. The road will be paved. Permanent Access to 11th Avenue will then be from 77th Street SW and Wentworth Drive SW.
Please refer to the images below showing the removal and repair of the asphalt surface at 77th Street. The proposed changes coincide with the letters noted on the plan and the list below:
A. Set up temporary jersey barriers (road closure barricade).
B. Remove existing post & cable fence.
C. Remove existing wrought iron fence.
D. Remove grass area to a depth sufficient enough to build temporary road surface.
E. Place new asphalt temporary road where grass removed.
Physical Road Closure of 11th Avenue at 70th Street
A. Coordinate construction of temporary turnarounds located along 11th Avenue SW at about 70th Street SW.
B. Build temporary turnaround at the 70th Street SW location.
C. Construct a post & cable fence along with breakaway bollards for emergency vehicle use only.
D. Once temporary turnaround is completed, and the post and cable fence and breakaway bollards are installed at 70th Street SW, the temporary road closure barricades at 77th Street will be removed.
11th Avenue SW will be permanently closed at 70th Street SW as per Council direction. Access to all properties east of 70th Street SW will continue to get access to their properties from 69th Street through Coach Hill.
All properties west of 70th Street will get permanent access to their properties from 77th Street SW and Wentworth Drive SW upon completion of the Sanitary and Storm Sewers along 11th Avenue SW.
Physical road closure is expected to be completed by the end of September and legal road closure is expected to be approved by Council in fall 2016.
*Information in this post was summarized from Bri-Mor Developments’ information notice to impacted residents.*

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