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Ward 6 News: Residential and Community News

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The Calgary Foundation

In April, five winning applications will be awarded a $5,000 Soul of the City Neighbour Grant and will be featured in a documentary video to share their story. Soul of the City Neighbour Grants helps people put into action their idea to improve, enhance, or revitalize their community or neighbourhood.
The project will be small-scale and focused on getting involved in their neighbourhoods and communities. Project ideas include, but not limited to, building community gardens or playgrounds, hosting street festivals and community events, and bringing local people together to design and paint neighbourhood murals.  May 2 to 4, 2014, is Jane’s Walk, a weekend of free neighbourhood walking tours led by community volunteers. 2014 marks Calgary’s 7th year as a Jane’s Walk city. You can join a walk for free, with no registration; the walk schedule will be posted on-line. For more information please visit

Thank You to An Outstanding Community Volunteer

Simon Batcup has recently stepped down as the President of the Signal Hill Community Association after a highly successful seven-year leadership commitment. He will continue as Past President as a transition while the new President Chris Matugas joins a very strong team in great financial shape, which Simon leaves as part of his legacy.  
Signal Hill is one of the largest of the nine community associations in Ward 6 with 14,000 residents.  Simon contributed to the West LRT construction community engagement and has, on an almost daily basis, worked with his residents on issues from the skating rink, to parks to traffic. 
Simon has now graciously agreed to contribute his excellent organisational skills to chair the Battalion Park project. This community led volunteer group will be raising funds privately for the refurbishment to the park above Signal Hill Shopping Centre for the 100th Anniversary of Camp Sarcee in 2015. 
A big Ward 6 shout-out to Simon for his ongoing commitment to improving the quality of our community life!

Multi-Family Recycling Strategy

On January 29, 2014, Waste & Recycling Services (WRS) presented a report with a strategy for multi-family residential recycling. Following this report, Council recommended that the Multi-Family Recycling program consider partnerships with the private sector, allowing the private recyclers to work directly with the multi-family building owners. This strategy would drive efficiency, and allow multi-family unit owners to choose the private company that would deliver the best value for their unique needs.
Surveys taken of multi-family residents revealed that 87 per cent would recycle more if it was more convenient, and 93 per cent support a multi-family recycling program. This strategy will be taken to Council for approval in September, 2014. If approved, multi-family complexes would have a 12 to 18 month transition period to ensure they comply before it becomes mandatory in 2016. The City’s community recycling depots will remain in place, but Waste & Recycling Services will monitor their usage and make adjustments to the depot program if necessary. More information is provided on-line by searching “multi-family recycling” on the website.


  • 13% of all City waste headed to landfills comes from multi-family buildings
  • 22% of garbage from multi-family residences is recyclable materials
  • 163,000 of dwellings in Calgary are classified as multi-family
  • 35% of multi-family buildings already have recycling service provided by private industr


Working with you, we try to implement positive solutions effectively and efficiently. When a resident emailed us with an inquiry regarding the length of commute for bus route 439, the pieces of the puzzle fell in place and a quick resolution was found. We are happy to say, with open lines of communication, we were able to help and improve commuting from Discovery Ridge to West LRT.
Thank you for your community spirit.

 Our Community

I believe we are fortunate to have one of Calgary’s leading edge libraries. Our recently renovated Signal Hill Library, with an outdoor public art instillation created Calgary artist Carl White, is one of the reasons Ward 6 is so popular!
Knowing your neighbours helps maintain a safe neighbourhood. Once filled out, use this card as a quick reference if you observe suspicious activity. Cards are available at Federation of Calgary Communities.

Calgary Public Library and Neighbour Card

Spring Yard Waste Landfill Drop-off

Spring is here, and the City of Calgary has a few ways to help you with your spring cleaning.
Between April 18 and June 1, all three City landfills will waive fees for residential loads of leaves, branches, plants and other yard and garden material (no sod or soil, please). The material will be composted at the sites, turning it back into a useful resource. Please leave your material loose or put it in paper yard waste bags, which can be composted along with the yard waste. Please visit or contact 311 to confirm landfill hours, locations and details.


​Community Cleanup 2014
​Coach Hill - Patterson Heights
​May 3 
​Springbank Hill ​May 10
​Discovery Ridge ​May 25
​Strathcona Park - Christie Park - Aspen Woods ​May 31
​Signal Hill ​June 14
​West Springs ​September 6
​Glamorgan ​September 13
​September 27


This content represents the personal views and opinions of the Ward Councillor and should not be taken as a statement of policy of The City of Calgary. The inclusion of any external content does not imply endorsement by The City of Calgary.

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