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Ward 6 News: Council Initiatives

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Ward 6 ReportIn this section:

  1. Springbank Off-stream Reservoir
  2. Integrity Commissioner
  3. Register for a City of Calgary Citizen myID account
  4. Suite Safety Sticker Program
  5. Multi-family Recycling
  6. Reporting

Springbank Off-stream Reservoir

On March 3, 2015, the Alberta Government confirmed it will proceed with the development of a dry-storage reservoir at Springbank. The new Government has not yet announced their intentions, but their campaign platform indicated a preference for the McLean Creek location.  While it would be desirable to also offer protection to Bragg Creek, hydrogeologists and engineers advise that this location is deep in the water catchment basin and would significantly reduce the effectiveness of protection for Calgary.
The Springbank project site is located just west of Calgary approximately 18.5 km upstream of the Glenmore Reservoir. The project is designed as a dry pond with no permanent pool of water. It will divert extreme overflow from the Elbow River into an off-stream storage reservoir where it would be temporarily contained and later released back into the Elbow River after the high water level has dissipated.
This is one of three Elbow River mitigation options and is the only one that has been approved to date. City of Calgary Administration has recommended significant additional mitigation to protect citizens against future flooding while considering the risks of drought. Our region’s climate and weather are expected to become more unpredictable with potential frequent droughts, increased precipitation and flooding in the future.
There is an opportunity to increase mitigation capacity at this site to protect against future flood events the size of 2013 or larger. Flood and drought management are interconnected and equally important and by building flexibility into the design of any upstream mitigation projects, we can improve conditions and build adaptive responses to either drought or flood conditions. The City will work with the Province and the newly elected government in order to address the need of additional infrastructure to ensure Calgarian’s safety.
As your representative, I brought a Notice of Motion to City Council on April 27, 2015 urging Council and the Province to expand this project beyond a dry storage objective. Dry storage limits this project to flood mitigation, but creating a reservoir offers multiple uses to combat climate change including drought conditions.  Experts agree as expressed in CBC News Calgary’s Flood mitigation must consider droughts as well, says water expert. Council and Administration acknowledge that support for more mitigation and the need for a comprehensive water management plan is required. Please refer to, Elbow River flood mitigation options for more information.  

Integrity Commissioner

Calgary will be the first Council in Western Canada to appoint an Integrity Commissioner and join many cities across Canada who have established the value of this position. In Ontario there are already over 30 cities that have created such a position. On April 27, 2015, Council approved the Terms of Reference and creation of a selection committee for a part-time Integrity Commissioner. The selection committee will be comprised of members of Council and a citizen member. I look forward to being a member of the selection committee as the Chair of the Audit Committee along with Mayor Nenshi, Councillor Druh Farrell, and a member of the public.
The Integrity Commissioner will play a role in supporting Code of Conduct policy and various Council expense policies ensuring accountability to Calgarians. The successful incumbent will educate staff and provide skills training and recommendations to support our goals of offering high quality ethical standards.
The Integrity Commissioner will be available to Councillors and Calgarians alike to offer advice and recommendations on ethical conduct issues. Adding this part-time position to Administration, as a third report, to Council will strengthen our accountability to residents and demonstrate our resolve to fulfill our ethical duties.

Register for a City of Calgary Citizen myID account

Don’t wait! Input your own property assessment information online now until June 20th, 2015. You told us that you wanted a self-service option and we listened. This citizen-centric self assessment tool will be rolled-out in phases over the next 4 years. Ward 6 is one of the first in the City to have access to the project, and residents are encouraged to visit to create a myID account and input their property information.
Ward 6 residential property owners can input their property information from April 20 – June 20, 2015. Don’t have access to a computer? Please call Assessment to update/verify over the phone at 403-268-2888.
Register at then go to the Home Page to manage your account. Once logged in, select “Respond” under Verify My Property Information.

What do I need?

You will need your roll number, access code located on your Property Assessment Notice you received in the mail, and your myID login. Please call 403-268-2888 for any questions or concerns about your property information, or to retrieve lost information such as your access code or roll number.

Does it mean my assessment value and my taxes will automatically increase?

No. Your annual property tax assessment is based on a number of factors including lot size, neighbourhood and age. Providing the most accurate information, such as renovations, allows The City to produce an accurate market value assessment. If an update results in an increase to your property value, it does not necessarily mean an increase in property taxes.

Suite Safety Sticker Program

From the direction of Council, a working group was established to create a program that would consider options on how existing illegal suites can be made safer. As a member of this working group, I am excited about the Proposed Suite Safety Campaign.  This campaign will provide many benefits to secondary suite owners and renters which will:
1. Initiate a Land Use Bylaw Amendment which will exempt existing secondary suites from needing to apply for a development permit.
2. Establish a registry for secondary suites which will inform renters and area residents about the secondary suites safety as well as legal status.
3. Encourage illegal suites to become legal by cutting red tape.
4. Create a sticker program to enable renters to see if the suite meets safety codes.
5. Provide a public education campaign targeted at homebuyers, homebuilders, and renters to encourage safe and permitted secondary suites.
This initiative is a citizen-centric approach to provide safe, legal, and affordable housing options for Calgarians. Neighbours, suite owners, and tenants can encourage participation through education and sticker program awareness. Stay tuned for more information about this exciting proposal at

Multi-family Recycling

Did you know recycling can cut down on multi-family garbage by almost 25%? Apartment and condo recycling is coming! By February 1, 2016, all multi-family dwellings in Calgary will require on-site recycling services. Are you a multi-family resident, building owner, or private recycler? Interested to see what is recyclable material? Would you like to attend an information session to find out more information? Please visit
All multi-family complexes will:
  • Offer on-site recycling storage.
  • Make sure there are enough containers to hold all the recycling in the complex between collection days.
  • Accept at least the same material as blue carts (i.e. paper and cardboard, glass bottles and jars, food cans and foil and plastic bags and containers).
  • Arrange to have the material removed and recycled (The City will not provide collection).
  • Provide signage that building owners and managers can download online.
City educational support, such as presentations to condo boards, face-to-face outreach with residents and information sessions can be accessed at There are no extra costs to residents as The City will not set or collect multi-family recycling fees, and taxes will not be raised to pay for the program.


Building. Caring. Connecting. 2014 Annual Report

The City of Calgary Annual Report for 2014 has been published. Each year a comprehensive report outlining City initiatives and consolidated financial results are available for the public. This year’s report, Building. Caring. Connecting., demonstrates Calgary’s strong character of working together to create a great place to live and work.  Please visit to view details and read 2014 in review. 

Annual External and City Auditor 2014 Reports 

As the Chair of the Audit Committee, I was pleased to work with Administration through the process of creating the 2014 City of Calgary Annual Report – to the final committee meeting in April. At this time, it is useful to re-affirm our role as custodians of the public purse. The Audit Committee reviewed the 2014 external auditor’s report and recommended that Council approve this report for information in conjunction with the Annual Report.
The review of our annual financial statements and opinion letter from our auditors that the statements fairly reflect our financial position is a vitally important function for our city and for Council. All Audit Annual Reports can be found at, Annual Audit Plans and Reports
and quarterly and topic-specific reports can be accessed at, City Auditor Reports.

This content represents the personal views and opinions of the Ward Councillor and should not be taken as a statement of policy of The City of Calgary. The inclusion of any external content does not imply endorsement by The City of Calgary.

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