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What did Ward 6 say about their community needs?

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Ward 6 official website
The City of Calgary contracted Ipsos Reid to conduct a Community Needs and Preference Study via telephone survey to understand residents’ perceptions of their community, usage of and barriers to using existing community recreation and social programming, expectations for future recreation and social programming, and awareness and perception of community associations.
This city-wide telephone survey randomly selected 2,800 Calgarians aged 18 or older, of which 204 were residents of Ward 6. Ward 6 continually ranks higher or consistent with city-wide survey results in most areas. All Ward 6 survey respondents, 100%, enjoy living in their community.   Over half, 51%, of Ward 6 respondents volunteer in their community, while 86% agree that there are enough programs and services to meet the needs of their households. Although 15 percent of respondents desire more sport programming in their community for adults, and 19% for children and youth, 68% of Ward 6 respondents desired nothing and that no new programming is required.
Our community associations play an important role in recreation and social programming for our local communities; community associations are also advocates for their community members with The City. For example, they provide feedback on planning and development applications in your community, as well as manage and maintain community space and rinks. Ward 6 has nine community associations, each providing their own unique benefit to the community. Generally, our Ward of West Calgary scored higher in most categories compared to other Wards and city-wide noting a broad contentment with programs and services. Ward 6 respondents were pleased with community offerings and we identify ourselves as an active group. Ward 6 had a higher amount of self-identified community volunteerism, as well as higher amount of senior’s club offerings compared to city-wide.  Food events, movie nights, and ice skating were events that were well attended in Ward 6 compared to city-wide attendance statistics. Ice skating rinks were identified as an amenity Ward 6 residents would like to have more of in their community. There is also a perception among Ward 6 residents that there are not many services or programs available to new Canadians.
Ward 6 has a similar rate of awareness and participation to city-wide respondents in regards to community associations, and 75% of both Ward 6 and city-wide respondents have participated in programs, events or activities hosted by their community association. While 84% of respondents trust the decisions made by community associations on behalf of the community, over half believe there needs to be a review of how they represent the community with City of Calgary decisions. Ward 6 community associations are fulfilling their need in communities for desired programs, services or activities as 75% of Ward 6 respondents desire nothing more than what is currently being offered. A website was the number one way respondents preferred to communication with their community association. Please view the entire Community Needs and Preferences Research with detailed statistics comparing Ward 6 and city-wide results.
Would you like to get involved with your community association, or simply find out what programs and services they offer their members? Visit and check out the community tab for a whole list of Ward 6 Community Associations and links to their websites.
The Federation of Calgary Communities is the member-based support organization representing community associations and community based non-for-profits across Calgary. They provide an array of resources including workshops and events. Interested in starting a community watch program or protect yourself from fraud? Would you like to host a paint-the-pavement event in your community? Have you ever thought of engaging your neighbours through safety initiatives or community planning? The Federation is a great place to start. They also just released their engagement toolkit with 25 proven community engagement ideas that have worked in Calgary. A great resource for a street, neighbourhood or community association group to work together to achieve community goals. Check it out at
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This content represents the personal views and opinions of the Ward Councillor and should not be taken as a statement of policy of The City of Calgary. The inclusion of any external content does not imply endorsement by The City of Calgary.

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