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What do weeds, junk mail, and fire pits have in common?

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The Community Standards Bylaw (CSB) promotes good neighbour relationships and healthy, safe and vibrant communities by addressing nuisances through the regulation of noise, weeds and grass, fire pit use, and untidy properties.  The CSB contains regulations for property owners and for property maintenance. Extensive public engagement was conducted to review this bylaw. Findings and recommendations will be presented to the Standing Policy Committee on Community and Protective Services on November 2, 2016 and is recommended to go to Council on November 18th. Ward 6 had a total of 1,116 calls about Community Standards Bylaw infractions in all of 2015, and in comparison, is thousands less than inner-city Wards.  
Areas of greatest concern in order of concern include:
1.       Unkempt properties
2.       Noise
3.       Weeds and long grass
4.       Graffiti
5.       Fire pits
A telephone survey of 501 Calgary residents and online survey of 683 participants formed the basis of proposed amendments. The areas of the CSB and recommendations noted below are a reflection of areas of concern for citizens with 11,000 total responses on proposed amendments of ways to increase compliance of CSB.
• 45% (telephone) and 49% (online survey) of citizens think unkempt properties are of significant concern; recommendations include increasing fines.
• 39% (telephone) and 41% (online survey) of citizens feel noise is a concern; recommendations include increasing fines.
• 34% (telephone) and 37% (online survey) said presence of weeds and long grass a concern – statistics did not differentiate public vs. private property.  
• 34% (telephone) and 35% (online survey) are concerned with graffiti; please call in graffiti on public or private property – it can be removed with assistance of City by applying for private property abatement program.
• 78% of citizens are not concerned about fire pits. Of the 22% (telephone) and 23% (online survey) who are, safety and smoke are biggest concerns. Recommendations include the requirement of an inexpensive screen mesh which has been proven to substantially reduce smoke and increase safety.
• Unwanted flyers are of concern to citizens, and it is proposed that signs indicating the unwanted deliver of flyers be extended beyond businesses to include non-commercial flyers. 75% of citizens agreed with this proposed change. I am concerned that those opting out of flyers will no longer receive their community association newsletters, which provide critical local community information.
• Housekeeping amendments also being recommended to achieve an easier to use and understand CSB including many increases to fines across offenses are being proposed.  

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